What are some good hosts for a 12-20 person sever?

Just looking.

Hey, there’s several good server hosting companies out there, reliable one’s include: NFO, Elpishost and Daemonservers, if that’s a bit out of your price range, I have a few dedicated box’s I rent out privately running TCadmin, just add me on steam if you’re interested.

Elpis do Germany and Dallas.

Meaning worldwide.

I prefer Elpishost. :slight_smile:


Not me personally, but a friend is creating a server hosting company, obviously not as major as some of the mainstream server hosting companies, but if you’re interested send me a pm, I could probably hook you up with some large discounts and what not, just putting it out there.

It wont last. Just like the rest :v:

If you want to do more than GMOD- example: development, or other games. It might be worth buying a low budget vps. GMOD servers will probably cost u more and u can run teamspeak along side it.


I would advise not going with GSP. Honestly, they are over priced and in my experience give out little support. Always go with either a VPS (Low budget) or a low range dedi.

Servers don’t run as well in virutalized containers, so I would highly suggest you go with a low budget dedi.

Yo add me! http://steamcommunity.com/id/deathwish7777
Talk to you about it!

i have a friend that host server for css mine craft gmod team fortress etc it called gmchosting here is a link when you have your server up the is barly any lag in it

NFO 100%

Elpishost or preciseservers

precise support staff is shit but you’ll enjoy the server quality; whatever their control panel is isn’t too customizable for the host but if you’re going simple it works.

You asked and we listened!

We just added two employees to watch support tickets so things should move a lot faster & we added Zopim live customer support (on top of our live sales support).

We also updated our TCAdmin panel with 5 more command line options.

Thanks for helping us improve.