What are some good maps to pose on?

I need to know some maps that are great for posing on. Thanks in advance! Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I don’t know what section it should go in.

Depends on the theme that you’re going with. Give me one.


Every map is good to pose on, all depends on what the pose will be about and if the environment will have a role in the pose or how you want it to look.

Most of the maps filed under “Eye Candy” in Toybox.


gm_construct black room

gm_apocalypse is my personal favorite, if your computer can handle it. Really, really well done map. It even has an underground basement area for soldiers or something of the sort.

Non blocky realistic RP maps if you’re going with some kind of city pose.

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Sorry for being an asshole, but you ask for good posing maps? Maybe hit up garrysmod.org or the map release section, dl what you think looks nice for whatever pose you wanna make and check them out. if they weren’t good enough then keep searching!

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