What are some good starting mods?

i shood be getting gmod today…if not then sometime soon but i was wondering what mods i should get for it that are rly helpfull…i think theres already a thread about this but anyway please put the name and link to the mod


You can search for them.

you dont need to get mods, they download to you automatically when you join the server that they are hosted on. Start with this server, it hosts the best gamemode mod in all of Gmod, namely zombie survival which is much better than stupid L4D

But that takes fucking forever.

Yeah, just browse around www.garrysmod.org and see what looks interesting to you. :slight_smile:

In My opinion, I’d suggest the following:
-PHX Prop Pack
-Useful NPCs
-Kermite’s Knives
-Kermite’s Pistols
-Kermite’s Shotguns
-Kermite’s Machine Guns
-Garry’s Bombs
-Bridge Tool
-Time Grenade
-Bridge Tool

Anyways, those are the ones that I use and I find enjoyable to fuck around with. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the dumb, really appreciate it. cough asshole cough :wink:

Wire (SVN)
Conna’s Tools

Oh god no!
PHX and wiremod on garrysmod.org are outdated, get the SVN, is easier and faster. And you get new content everytime developers add something.
Search “SVN tutorial”

(without the quotes) with the search funtion

Kermites Machine guns
Nuke 4
Garrys bombs 3
Advanced Duplicator

were can i find one i went to svn tutorial and it said its avalible for linux…i need one for windows

Adv Dupe is a must. It was the first thing I got.

I’m new, but from what I can tell you’re going to have a really hard time without PHX. Most public servers seem to use it. And simplestacker and smartsmap are great.

Use SVN. I just got it, and it’s about a thousand times better than doing it manually.

can some one put up a link to the svn for windows xp cuz i found one but it was for linux


ok so i bought gmod and dl svn and i kno this is going off topic but the tf2 modles that came with gmod(cuz i got orange box so i have tf2) they r all black xept for the uber charged red and blue…whats up with that?

Right here ^