What are some really big maps ?

I’m looking for big maps. Do you know any ?

gm_flatgrass is one of the biggest ones

to all the people who “disagree” with me:
gm_flatgrass almost uses the entire hammer grid so it is one of the biggest maps (among the ones that don’t use lua hacks to make them bigger)

No, gm_infinitive is twice the size of gm_flatgrass.

The biggest map I know of is gm_bigisland. It will probably be the biggest map in existence for a while since it uses the entire Hammer grid space. The only way I know of to get a bigger map is some sort of Lua hack.

alot of maps use the full hammer space

You can use Lua to create the illusion of a bigger map, but that’s it.

The source engine has a hard limit on map size. There are some lua gameodes i seen that try to make it look like the map is bigger, but they use illusions that wouldnt work well with physics contraptions or anything in that nature

It’s possible to shrink the players model / view via Lua, but this makes physics go whacky.

Still possible though

Even though bigisland is the hammer grid size, there are some maps bigger than it that have multiple levels which max out the grid size and have teleports between them in order to give the illusion of being big.

I just finished a big map


(shameless advertising) 3k units on either side.

No shame there mate, it looks great.