What are the basic things I need to stop a map from sucking?

All I can think of is you need spawn points and no leaks, what am I forgetting?

Well there are many types of suck… Which ones do you wanna try and stop?

-Types of suck-
Bad lighting
Bad brushwork
Bad entity work
Bad optimization
Bad Idea
Bad Level of Detail

and so on…

Just the bare basics, not the actual concept of the map, but things that need to be in any map.

More geometry.

Level of detail…

I added it to the list :smiley:


Ok, what would be an example of bad lighting and brushwork?

Or in Hammer’s case, is that a subset of brushwork?

Edit: It’s not an example of bad brushwork, I mean it’s something else to check on in a map.

An example of bad brushwork would be making a wall with like 5 different brushes, or using the carve tool.

Ah, ok, so would good brush work be using as few brushes as possible, without hollow and carve?

Missing doorframes and window frames can make a map instantly lose appeal, they are the most basic detail stuff. Also, don’t make detail stuff such as trims, edges and frames thick, because then they look silly. A 4-units thick doorframe is perfect, for example.

So many things can be said…

Not worrying about the realism of the map. (creativity gets you a cookie)
Making advanced brushwork.
Make mis-textured areas/mis-mapped brushes.

It should look good. I know that sounds generic but alot of people release maps saying that the look bad, where rushed, etc. Dont release a map until it really does look GOOD. If theres a spot that looks strange, fix it. Also, don’t stretch textures, and make sure you have environmental lighting. Environmental lighting was actually really easily to learn, so don’t be scared of it. This site has some good tutorials too on things like that: http://www.interlopers.net/tutorials/

gm_bigcity – buildings are bland and look unrealistic. For the most part they are big blocks. The default HL2 textures look like crap and are from a quasi-post-apocalypse old Europe environment. Not much detail. Lighting is okay tho I guess. Anyway, I’ve never seen a city that looked even remotely like that.

You have to make an exception, source has some low limits.

Not necessarily.

Yes neccessarily. Are you saying a city such as the one Liberty City from GTA3 would be achievable in source?

If only… :fappery: