what are the buttons on rust im confused ?

i dont even know how to pick up loot or open stuff, was running round with hachet and got killed can someone tell me the btns please YES IM A NOOB.


Read These

The wiki exists for a reason, hell there’s even a newbies guide in Polish, so there’s no excuse for any of you new guys to moan about not knowing how to play the game.

Yo is there any way to lock a guide from editing? Mine is being attacked on a daily basis.

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Like holy shit they were so butthurt that they actually removed part of my guide :v:

I’m sure Kamern can restrict access to editing the guides down to the people who actually created them, but right now I don’t see an option to lock any of my own pages. But there probably is somewhere, however I’m limited on the wiki as I’m on my phone right now.

Had put it back to an old edit.

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Whenever Kamern gets on, can you tell him to start banning some IPs and make it so you have to actually have an account to edit pages?

Link me to wiki

Gridster2s guide is great for beginners, read it!