What are the 'classical' Gmod contraptions people built back in the days that best represents Gmod Sandbox?

I’m making a pretty big scenebuild with all the ‘classical’ contraptions in them. I have all the classics: The bathtubs with wheels and balloons, the bigass catapult, the airboat plane, the large metal container with giant cannon wheels, the big red container base.

Things like this and that:




I’m planning on adding everything suggested here into the final pic, and it’s going to be really big.

If you can post a picture with them, that’d be awesome. Really, just a list of what you remember from classical sandbox is best.


Hoverball on the bottom of the airboat seat.

A breakable hl2 wooden box with saw blade wheels and a jeep seat on top.

a hl2 car with wonky, mismatched wheels, random shit welded to it and a giant thruster on the back

Yessss… these are good… furiously writes down on a piece of paper
e: keep em comin

Airboat with a balloon welded on each corner, a pair of wooden boards on the underside that have explosive barrels welded to them, ent_fire to break the boards and ignite the barrels on command

Get 2 spheres, place them next to each other, then put a cylinder between them, then put a half sphere on top of that and paint the whole thing pink.

A wooden chair with a massive thruster three times it’s size on the back

Rope a seat to a jeep, (sometimes more, in chain or just a bunch)
Two towers with a seat either roped or elasticed to them.

I remember when Garry joined Seth’s server and everyone competed to build the best dick.

A laundry machine minigun, it’s sick and gnarly that’s how much i’ll tell you about it

An airboat with a black ragdoll roped to the back of it and is lit on fire. I didn’t come up with it I swear.

Keep em coming, I got some good ones off of these.

For those interested only, thisis the current progress (WORK IN PROGRESS, maybe 30% done) (you can already spot some in there, MUCH more coming (especially planes) :P)

That’s awesome! You really made that in Gmod alone? If it keeps going this way hopefully it gets added as a background :slight_smile:

Anther idea is maybe a T posed Kliener with a dick physgun like from War of the Servers or Mr. Hax. Maybe some Spacebuild stuff too. This thread is bringing back great memories xD

That video in general will show you plenty of old-school contraptions.

My first build was a green trash can with a camera and 2 simple wheels. Basically, a hyper basic spy RC car

I’d call that “Classical”, gmod 9 days where you just had good old hl2 props


A trashcan with dynamite in the bottom pointing at an angle.

I remember propkilling with basketballs using it.

What about those contraptions that were in the tutorials that were built into old gmod?

One of those ragdolls that have “Keep upright” set, along with an invisible wheel attached to their legs, allowing them to do a “Running animation”

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