What are the commands and Animal Fats?

What is the command to check my position or entity??

How or where do I type the command?

And what are animal fasts?I google and wiki them but i cannot find anything to do with them…tried burning it too.

Sorry for these questions I am new

Don’t know about the position but i think animal fat is put into a fire place to make low grade fuel.

Thanks,I entered this into the chat bar /do coords

but nothing showed up…I am going to die of hunger now and I want to get back to my base,I donn;t have bed…

I believe a few updates ago the do commands were removed and may be added back in later on. Not too sure of any commands currently.

that explains

no commands to check position
open console with F1, only console command I know of and use is suicide, and that should be self explanatory.

In the console F1:

actor.cam = third person
actor.eye = first person