What are the communities intentions with 3rd party servers? (if they ever come?)

anybody who’s regularly on the forums has seen the subject come up a few times, but does anyone have any actual plans to host a server? or even mods? this game has actually inspired me to learn Unity, so if i learn enough i might work on a server myself if they ever allow it. anybody else have any plans or server ideas?

http://playrust.eu unfortunately all eu servers are getting DDOSD, others seem to work. So they will come =)

i cant vouch for the legitimacy of that site and would advise against anyone using it. if 3rd party servers were available im sure the Dev’s would let us know where to go.

That’s why we’re officially hosting servers and ain’t banned here.
If it wouldn’t be legit, we wouldn’t be around here :wink:

Edit: ‘DDoS’ is hitting all servers, but right now only we’re being attacked. We’re working on a solution, unfortunately it’s not as easy as people are thinking/saying.

just look at the server names in the serverbrowser. playrust.eu is official.

well that is amazing to hear

Nice to hear. I hope you will find a Solution soon. Keep up the Good work.