What are the most required flexes for a model?

So Since I’ve gotten comfortable with porting models to Gmod thanks to my previous topic. I’ve been wondering what flexes are most needed and what I can exclude. Im using the humans from Half life 2 as a reference

The way that citizen flexes work, it’s kind of an all or nothing choice. You could roll your own and make custom ones, but they won’t play nice with, say, SFM’s auto-phoneme extraction. Using the flexes put in place by valve (either L4D FACS or HWM) is the best route and provides generally good results that people are familiar with.

All right. I’ll see what I can do

Note that this isn’t necessarily true.

It is possible to write your own phoneme set for using in Source Filmmaker. I’ve done it. It’s not the most fun or exciting thing, but if you’re consistent with your flex names, you only have to actually make the set once - then, you can simply use the SFM to edit the phonemes in real-time (to adjust for different flex intensities per model) and export out updated phonemes.

It took me about an hour to build the initial phoneme set (I actually wrote a tool to generate them in 3dsmax using Morphers, which is much faster than building them by hand in SFM), but it only takes me maybe 10 minutes to tune phonemes per model (if I decide to do it, which I generally don’t unless I have plans to use phoneme extraction extensively on a model).