what are the system requirements for rust

i already have and account but my pc can only play at 7fps and would like to know the requirements for when i get a new pc

There are no set ones, the game pretty much lacks optimization as of now. You should be good with an i5 and a GTX 670 for sure.

i have a amd 1400 and i play at 7fps

Do you not have a graphics card?

my graphics card is the amd radeon x1400

I know your current obviously is not enough, we’re speaking real weak here. If you’re looking for something stable, either wait for official system requirements, optimization or just go with a heavy rig with 4-8GB of RAM, GTX 560-580, GTX 660-670, GTX 760-770 or any AMD card if you like that. Myself I enjoy the Nvidia cards, hence me recommending them. I’ve had good experience with them.

I’d also go with an i5, which is at the least 10 times more powerful than your current CPU. Once again, personal preference.

im saving up for a good pc but i will have to w8 2.5 years cause my dad says im not aloud a job

Then my advice will be outdated by then. There’s really not much you can do at the moment I am afraid. Can’t you work for your parents do chores and shit?

haha my parents say doing chores is my duty and shouldn’t be payed for it