"What are these things? And where is the crew?"

For once I have nothing to say.


And because I can:



-HUSKS! :saddowns:
-I am still hyped for Mass Effect 2, Left 4 Dead 2 is just coming sooner.
-Good things come in twos
-Cyan is better than Blue (no one will know what I am talking about) :smug:
-“Clones these are not” Yoda said.
-Sci-Fi pics are fun.
-Yes, that is the same dude who was making out with Jessica. A (re)introduction shall come soon.
-Black Bars are cool.
-I am disappoint in you Noters after me
-What has created these horrible fiends?
-Who made them like this?
-Should this be added to the pile of comic ideas Ben has yet to start?
-Husks are mindless.
-AKA Retarded.
-I practically orgasm at the awesomeness and perfection of that pistol pose of the human dude.
-Why haven’t I done my homework?
-Here’s a link to an entirely random comic of mine: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=831824
-Time to go to bed or something.

lol did you make this after I was telling you how I didn’t want to bother with playing through mass effect or something

also time to go to bed for me too.

Nice. I like the color of it all, blends well with the characters.

Shit, that ‘mysterious stranger’ is gonna get messed up big time.
Sigh If only we had more Mass Effect models :frowning:

Looks cool. The gun pose is a bit too blurry though- can barely tell he’s holding anything.

“Where’s the crew?”
“All over the place.”

Damn, I watched that film the other day, lol :smiley:

Perhaps I’m an idiot for not reading something, but where did you get those epic Mass Effect models?

But I can’t see it! too much dof :x

awesome otherwise ben


What movie is that from?

Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Unless it’s used in another film I do not know.

Freaky shit OP. Definitely too much DoF on the guy holding the pistol - I didn’t even realise he was until I read what you said, and then it took another double-take to make it out clear enough.

8/10 :slight_smile:

This guy is fucked! And indeed, what are those things?

When I read the thread title I thought you were referring to cold fear.

I think I heard it from somewhere. Or just thought of it. Dunno. :3:

I’m saving it for his introduction. :smug:

To be honest, I don’t remember what you’re talking about, but I don’t thinks so. :v: