What are you afraid of?


Aside from the hovering, the posing owns

Quite nice, although i’m not entirely sure what that medic was doing on the car before they got shot.

Crawling out the rear window :v

But it’s a two seater…


You don’t need a seat to ride.

Lovley Zerax. Also I see you lurking down there, get on steam boy.

Just logged out, I am currently on my phone. My bed is so darn cosy :3

Looks like you got dem bodygroups to work. Great job on the pic.

Yeah, after deleting the addon and adding a new one for the third time, I just placed the material and model folder in the gmod folder and it worked like a charm :V

Looks like you do. I don’t see room for a third person in that ride.
Perhaps behind the seats? Wouldn’t be very comfy. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Fantastic everything.

Nice job.

Well… Looks like you can fit a third person in there, but it wouldn’t be the most comfortable ride!


Poor bastards.

Love posing and color tone.

Looks like something nasty went down…

Nice posing and editing as always. :3:

Looks good, but it would probably look better without the text.

How so?