What are you doing Heavy?

i’m just naturally a fucking shitty human being and i’m sorry if anyone actually sees this

It’s not really funny, and the posing seems quite stiff

Turn up the graphics before taking a screenshot.

Why are there guns and exploding people everywhere in the background?

There are always guns on the floor :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, IDK.

I said I have low graphics. They cant be turned up any more.

if you have low graphics get a new computer…or just stop posting them on facpunch

^ Harsh, but true.

This is a new computer <:’(

Good advice though, I understand why you dont want me posting anymore stuff.

I rarely post any content like this at all though, and when I do, it is usually either

A: In the comic section, is interactive or just silly.

B: Somthing like the above picture.

Stop lying, and buy a new PC.

I got it at christmas, and I just replaced the screen after it broke. It isnt exactly new, but HEY, its the best I have right now,

so please dont call me a liar :doh:

If it’s a new computer then Up your graphics.

The posing is not bad, and the joke is passable but the graphics really take your view from anything remotely good in the picture.