What are you expectations for this game?

Hey guys, long time GModder and brand new facepuncuer here. I recently caught wind of this game through a feature on Polygon and based on what I’ve seen it has a lot of potential and I’m very interested.

My question to you all that can actually play the game is what are your expectations for just how far this game will go. That includes how much will be added overtime as well as just how much attention do you think it will get. How will they price it? Do you think it will be another indie hit or will stay smaller scale? How will they compensate for the amount of players that will be playing in the future?

I’m just throwing some basic stuff out here, feel free to add on any other thoughts you might have.

Well I haven’t played the game myself but I expect a lot from it either though its unlikely I will get a key to it to be a tester which would be nice but yeah I believe this game has a huge potential especially when garry the creator of gmod is behind it :smiley: This game is a ever evolving process and when its completed it will be a masterpiece.

All I’m expecting is that they finish updating it this year.

All joking aside, I think that if the improvements continue, this will blossom from an ugly/buggy but fun little test into a full-fledged phenomenon like Minecraft did. If you look around the forums here and just generally get an idea of how things have gone since the initial opening and subsequent closing of the alpha, you’ll see that the game in its current horribly buggy and unpolished state has already gotten a ton of popularity. People have swarmed this subforum asking for beta keys, various YouTube personalities have started doing videos on it to garner positive attention for it, and the initial beta key/open registration leak resulted in many more people than anticipated joining. The whole reason they stopped giving out keys was because there were too many players eager to try it out.

If the game is this popular with minimal graphics, polish and fleshing-out, I can’t imagine how much and how big it’ll explode once open registration or key-based registration re-opens after it gets the much needed polish, improvement and debugging. I suppose if you wanted to go into hyperbole you could say that this is “the next Minecraft”, and I don’t think it’d be an entirely baseless comparison.

wise words from a wise man.

Miecraft, both in terms of gameplay and how it exploded onto thr scene, is what I initially thought of to. And youre very correct, based on what I saw the game has a large amount of problems and yet people like me are already hooked... and I cant play yet.

I think the idea behind it all is what makes it so appealing, the fact that Garry is making it just makes it that much more appealing.

Also, pretty sure UberHaxorNova brought in a few more people ha.

It seems to be a perfect storm of ideal circumstances; A great unfinished game, backed by a guy known for making a great game and his forum/friends, promoted by people who play various games for audiences, and yet not even out of alpha yet.

Another question, what about the aesthetics of the game? Should we expect that to improve over time?

Can’t say for 100% certain since I’m not one of the developers, but taking an educated guess, I’d say it’s very likely if not certain that they’ll improve the look of the game as they continue development. What they have right now in terms of aesthetics seems to be made up of mostly placeholders or basic representative models/textures/etc., which is normal and to be expected since it’s only an alpha and the main focus is gameplay changes and bugfixes. Even the zombie NPCs aren’t planned to stay, since Garry and the devs find them generic and don’t want the game to only be a DayZ clone with building elements.

Here’s a link to Garry’s personal blog, which has a lot of info on the game’s current development and goals in the latest (text with an attached video) post, “The Story of Rust”:

Just a note, Garry is not “making” it.

Our dear and beloved, Pat and Helk are. Garry is funding it with his ample stacks of Garry’s Mod milked cash.

Even if he’s not directly coding or designing, it appears he has at least some say in the development process, which is to be expected considering he and his forum are the major source of funding for the game. Besides that, if I remember right, Garry is friends with Pat and Helk anyways, so I assume that if this is true they’d gladly let him have a say in their project.

It’s more or less everyone at facepunch studios who is participating, the difference is that helk is the project lead

This game has tons of potential. I had plenty of fun in it’s extremely broken buggy alpha stage, when this is finished, it’ll definitely be one of the best games out there.

Ah I see. Well considering the amount of attention this is getting it’s hard to say I’m not excited for the future.

P.S. Max I know I’ve seen your stuff before, didn’t know you were facepunch staff though. Cool stuff :slight_smile:

He’s been fixing models and adding cool features (using his modeling skills) since GM13 beta. He’s a pretty cool dude as far as I can see (I remember lots of hatred against him before).

I expect a fun yet very challenging survival game were players struggle for resources and weapons, a world where one struggles to differ between friend or enemy.

…also hoping it comes out from Alpha