What are you interested in a server?

Good day people!

I was wondering what are you guys interested in a server?
What kind of function would attract you and other people?
Please share some thoughts, I want to make my server likeable by many, but it’s not easy to get a good community on a new server. So please give me some advice and tips.

Thank you so much in advance!

  1. No hackers
  2. No hackers
  3. No hackers

No decay would be nice.

We have no decay! www.tortuga-gaming.nl

But you have hackers?

Is that it?
Is “no decay” one of the valued features people want? And why is that?

No one wants to play with cheaters, thats why I have installed plug-ins that would help fight cheaters, and active admins will also help on that matter.

I don’t want that. I want default decay, duration and crafting settings.
I have this very often that people join my server, build a mansion, then leave for 4 or 5 days and when they come back they start raging that their buildings are gone… And then I have players who join once every day for a minute to open and close all their doors. I see no point in no decay other than cluttering your server with crap buildings, half bombed and surrounded by stairs.

Well it may not be popular, but I think there could be a small strong following for the following-

  1. Admins must be online most of the time to boot hackers
  2. 1/2 craft times (so things get made quicker)
  3. Double Durability times (so things last longer)
  4. 2 air drops in real time 24hrs, randomly generated (But make them good ones re c4, but keep explosives very rare)
  5. Day/night cycle stays natural and isn’t player adjusted by demand
  6. Absolutely no teleporting stuff going on for players
  7. Fall damage simply must exist
  8. Absolutely no Eco mod
  9. Do not run Oxide, Essentials or similar for players to see and use, so deaths and comms between players is not public or available via this method (sorry I have no idea of the reality of this in terms of server set up/management for admins etc.)
  10. Make box spawns 3 times rarer, but better than standard loot inc c4
  11. Make red animals loot more limited to encourage visits to box spawn areas
  12. Max server players 50
  13. Agree a start date and stick to it, run each game for 1 month max.
  14. Admins to ensure lag is minimal, I think regular restarts seem to help, as does removing unusual stuff, like 500 fires in a field…or clearly smashed large bases
  15. Set decay to 3 times the standard time now, so things last longer, but still decay
  16. Admins can’t ‘play’ their own servers, if the server is public
  17. Make Blueprints 3 times as rare as they are on standard mode
  18. Make resource nodes 3 times as rare as they are now (to slow building down)
  19. Make remove feature available, but at 4 times the time to craft and you lose the materials
  20. No team feature in terms of damage, i.e anyone shot by anyone gets hurt
  21. No starter kits at all
  22. must have sleepers on
  23. whatever I forgot…

and finally, no crafting of military stuff with exception of explosives and c4! This will place big value on item retention.

Heres what i would really like:

1: decay time doubled meaning 3 days decay for wood is instead 6 days and same for metal.
2: no cheeky admins
3: no wipes in atleast a two-month time, shouldn’t have to wipe at all honestly
4: potentially removing old buildings which havent been used for a long time
5: airdrop every 1-2 real time hours
6: everything else basic but could have extended durabilty on tools and guns
7: active admins that care about the server and ban hackers
8: griefing allowed! It might be annoying as hell but you better finish your house before the darkness comes… Just a part of the game which allows for easier/better raiding

One thing i really hate is when admins wipe because they want to, ofc its up to them but i’ll just find a new server. “A server can be replaced, players cant”

Thats seem rather restricted and I think a 30 days run time would be counter productive with that much restriction.

Your right of course, thats my point I guess.

It gives a better early/mid game experience.

Perhaps a 2 month run time would be better.

No hackers.
Constant adult admin presence.
Wipe cycle 4-week minimum.

Tough to maintain a couple of those I know but the closer you meet those requirements, the more likely I am to land on your server. Increased durability also a good thing.

Decay makes the game frustrating for people that go away on holidays and such.
Make decay for wooden buildings at least 5 days.

and no players :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, the two first tips/advice/requirement its kinda hard to meet.
You need to trust admin from different part of the world. Hackers is also not always found that easily, you can’t go and just ban people because some one accuses them without any proof.

Also please do give me more advice, its hard to start a good community when no one gives the server a chance. I would really like to make it better for most of the people.

I’m not sure if I am allowed to post this link on the forum, I beg for forgiveness if I have broken the rules.
This is my server, http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1418353 please visit, and see what features should be removed/modified or added. Thanks!

Well, at this point in Rust, it sure is. Most players have stopped playing Rust because they’ve found other games or they are bored by it and then there’s every other player group who say the exact same thing. “We got sick of all the hackers and admin abuse so we make our own server”. Seriously. Every. Other. Group. This results in more than twice as many servers than players and people still complain about all the dumb stuff and go off make new servers without having even one experienced admin, so the result is the usual barf half-duration no-decay shit server where admins will still abuse (because they can and they’re new to the job and nobody will ever notice).

I’m serious, all the people who make new servers because of “admin abuse” and “hackers” first don’t know what they’re getting themselves into (being an admin is a very hard and unthankful job, trust me, I’ve been doing this for over 12 years), second mostly aren’t any better than 90% of all the other servers, third they don’t make anything special, it’s just yet another one of these servers and lastly they have never actually been on the correct servers with experienced admins (and by that I mean people who are hosting and running communities for at least >5 years).

It makes absolutely no sense at this point to try and create a new community in Rust, there’s too few people scattered all over the thousands of servers, and if you don’t have anything unique to offer, why would people want to join your community? What makes you special? I can tell you what doesn’t make you special. Making a server that’s what people on facepunch tell you they want in a server, because every other server is pretty much that. Go make something special, people will automatically come and stay and tell their friends to come and stay too. That’s how it is supposed to work. You shouldn’t make a server with settings to get as many people on there as possible, you should make a server where you think this is how the game should be played and you will then get the audience that matches the server. I can guarantee you, if you go with all the stuff people “want” in a server (and let’s face it, they don’t even know what they want, they just want super easy gameplay) you will mostly have 8 to 16 year olds crying over every little thing and falling into adrenaline rage every few minutes. Do you want that?

Figure out what you want to give to the players and make it happen.

Our server, for example, is special in that we’ve got our own RCON mod that enables 20+ commands, lots of statistics on our website, super fast contacting of admins (ringing phones…) and other fancy stuff, we have programmed and balanced all our features ourselves and its very chatty so players know exactly what the admins are up to. Also, we’re running a blog where we explain every ban in detail and offer a ton of transparency to what we’re doing.
We’re aiming for hardcore Rust players who know that this game is about getting killed (or trying to prevent this) and so most of our long term players are exactly that, which is great! People who cry about getting raided every day (while having built a huge castle in the middle of a field) are completely wrong on here - they don’t know how Rust works and we’re not interested in serving them a super easy building simulator. You need to set your mind on what exactly you want to offer and what you don’t want to offer and stick with it!

So, to conclude or tl;dr, don’t force your server to attract as many people as possible, that’s not the point of having a server. Make it special and unique and people will come and stay.

We started 3 days ago
banned 11 hackers so far

Just to demonstrate what’s wrong with admins and servers in this community (no offense, pherousa, but thanks for this great example).

  • “Naamloos document” title
  • A single page
  • No contact possibility outside of Rust
  • Absolutely nothing special
  • Promotes amount of banned hackers as if that’s a good thing
  • Promotes starting 3 days ago as if that’s a good thing
  • Lacks all information on rules and guidelines and how admins operate on the server
  • Lacks all information about the admins themselves (experience, previous communities, link to steam profile)
  • Lacks all information on player base and type of server (is it modded? no idea!)
    You can see how much work went into this server. Is this supposed to attract people? I can’t see how. It’ll get the first-week-player-spike and then die down just like all the other servers that are exactly the same. I suspect an hour of photoshop, 10 minutes of free site builder ™, 10 minutes of clicking plugins to the server. Honestly, people can see the quality of a server (admin). Work hard and people will know you did.

edit: also, nice off topic self advertising…


Dude, this isnt a thread where you advertise your server.
Instead, come with advice/tips on the topic.

I’m sorry