What Are You Waiting For Private? Get Out There!

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27247686/Through Ruin.jpg

I’ve had this one for a while and I looked at it a bunch of times since I made it like a month or two ago. I just now noticed the horrific hand clipping on the left.

Chesty’s Ultra Legit Edit


Why is his clothing different from the other soldiers?

And why are they wearing gasmasks, what’s so toxic about the air

This is really well done.
Artistic for you.

1: I was too lazy to pose FPS arms so I took a DoD v_model. He’s also not being hit by that sickly green lamp so he looks even bluer. Dabadeedabadye.

2: I just thought they looked coo’.

Anywho, it looks nice. But the cliff in the background is flat, so i’d maybe choose a better map in the future.

oh shit this is a really good picture
the guy on the far right looks badass!

Dat… Lighting.

This gave me a boner somewhat. Maybe I just like it a LOT!

Nice work, although i think they guy on the far-right is a bit too calm since people are actually shooting in that direction.

I was thinking of General Shepard in the beginning battle in MW2.


Overall nice. But that sharpen is really really nasty in some places.

“I’m waiting for my health to magically regenerate, sir.”

On the trees and around some of the buildings, right?

I really like the foreground, but the background is lackluster. it’s flat and uninteresting

I dunno, something about the yellow-y-ness of it I don’t like… but s’cool.

great posing and composition. decided to have a crack at editing it:


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snow is a bit shitty

Iz coo’.

right one is too relaxed

That was the idea. Like General Shepard from MW2 and Kilgore from Apocalypse Now.