What Are You Working On? -- December 2012

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Jetpack because of boredom!


i’m doing something similar for a gamemode. Looks great!

I got some sort of top down thing working.

since gm_video didnt record the mouse you can’t tell I’m using it to control but yeah

Because the rag doll physics were buggy when trying to touch stuff, 99% of the time it would just go through things. And the other 1% the props would just explode and fly everywhere.

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Movement turned out to be much easier than I expected with the kinect. Although I’m not very good with vector math so I didn’t do everything I wanted like rotating the player based on the head angles. However I got forward, backwards, up and down movement pretty nice. It needs to be offset to the ragdoll as right now it is doing everything with the cameras position.

Pretty sweet though.


If someone wants to help with the vector stuff, really simple btw I would be glad to re do this and actually get it working right. I just don’t want to go through the headache of trial/error.

This could be a legitimate way to play Garry’s Mod if a couple things were added, such as:
Simple walk animation - which ignores the leg positions from kinect when the player is in motion.
Speed limit - Cap the speed although let it be based on how far forward or back the person is from the “standing position”
Vector math - The stuff that’s needed is uber simple, I just never personally work with vector stuff so I didn’t want to waste an hour figuring it all out.


Got tired on waiting on Thermadyle so I’ll start working on a gmod version of the game that sound is from. If you recognize it, that is. if it doesn’t play

.ogg file? Use gm_video and [vid] tags, put it on youtube or something.

Video tags normally should support oggs too.
Hint: TG station 13

The formats seem mostly reversable so I might get direct ss map loading in gmod.

yeah I just noticed that ogg works when I put my mouse over the black spot and a sound played.
that’s pretty cool though.

Used to work in firefox, dunno why it doesn’t anymore. I’m probably going to start after I stop drooling over my JME compatible dumbphone.

Are you using the latest SVN? I added some cool stuff so it moves the ragdoll about with a physics shadow instead of setting the positions directly. It interacts with other objects a lot nicer than it used to.

Oh sweet, yea I was using an older one. Thought I was going to have to make a mech suit every time to get the physics to work right :stuck_out_tongue:


Working on silly scoreboard which is supposed to support everything so uh… not done, but working on.

  • Supports connecting players (kicking, view steam profile)
  • Supports cross server player gotoing and kicking and viewing steam profile
  • Supports web chat players too, but can’t kick them, yet
  • Supports player sorting by team,server,userid(,name, etc)
  • Supports displaying afk/talking/muted/timing out players/etc
  • Supports extra values such as display amount of money or userid and entity id (still want to make these selectable since non devs don’t want to see entity IDs)
  • Supports displaying full avatar size when mouse is hovering over the tiny version
  • It is possible to display avatars for non connected and players for other servers, but that would at the moment require one awesomium process/avatar which is not viable.

And most importantly, it doesn’t use player.GetAll() which drops players briefly on fullupdate :v:

I was waiting for him to catch on fire, that flame was burning his ankle off!

I am acutally thinking of something to code right now. I may end up hosting a server and trying to build a community; I would need to have some custom content and some kind of hook to keep people on/donate.

Maybe a CustomRP or just Custom Gamemode in general.

no more rp

just no more RP

Those simple words made me realize my mistake. It honestly did, scratching that off my list :slight_smile:

I’m working on getting a new computer so I can record videos of my new tractor beam weapon instead of a series of screenshots

You should use that for an excursion funnel while you’re at it, looks really cool.

I still find it very cluttered, but I’m not sure where you could put things to make it feel less cluttered while having the nice features. Perhaps less icons on the side and just have one on top describing what you see.

It feels like prefixing something to every row when you could just have one on the top. Similar to how it’s weird to have 10 files prefixed coins_file01.txt when it would make more sense to have them in a coins folder without the coin_ prefix.