What Are You Working On? -- January 2013



Because Spencer Sharkey is getting old.


Ollie’s simple but artistic point shop

Kogitsune’s totally awesome radar weapon

!cake’s sweet code editor

JetBoom’s Day / Night cycle

Delremos’ Day / Night cycle

Disseminate’s rain

Chessnut’s tower defence gamemode

Magenta’s Seven Swords

So many highlights missing :tinfoil:. The logo looks great though!

You should put some Seven Swords in there, that stuff was great

That’s a great point, you are not worthy of WYAWO creation! Stand down and summon the great Spencer Sharkey.

Working on gbombs 4, people seem to have lost interest but I’ve got 30 entities so far and pretty much ran out of ideas.

Have you made one that implodes yet?

At the moment there are 4 parts - Stock which consists of stuff like barrels, molotovs and other primitive entities as well as some missiles and bombs. There are also addons for CS:S, DOD:S and a few totally custom entities like nebelwerfer rocket.

Does it werf nerbels?

Awesome, GBombs 3 was good. Next one will probably be better.

Win levels at 100%.

facepunch is slow today.
Edit: This post was about yesterday. Different timezones you know?

Added a system that detects rooms to the spacestation gamemode. The color of the rooms here is the amount of gas in them. Door entities are going to be what actually powers the atmospheric system but I’m too lazy to get them to work well right now. I’ll probably just work on adding a way to actually build walls tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, Garry’s Mod - where errors make sense

Reminds me of this annoying error;

So I’ve been working on my moba some more and I recoded minion physics to use velocities rather than SetPos.

It could do with a little more work.

Ye’ ol’ whippersnappers!!! Shakes his cane

Dohohoooo, is funny because he just turned 16. Dohoooooooooooooo

Yeah, thanks Fuad


Need more highlights, even still. There were so many good posts last month, they deserve recognition!

Still working on projects here and there. Will post more soon.

17, he’s driving.


V - gee you guys, he’s still 17, and I’m British driving age is 17 here, sorry for confusion.

You can drive at 16 in a lot of states.

really wish the “Read Threads” feature listed closed threads, I had no idea this existed!

also, OP still needs highlights!