What Are You Working On? Mesh Edition - August 2012

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This thread has been dedicated to mesh development, because that’s about 50%+ of the content here. We like it though, keep it coming.
Just kidding you can post whatever you want.

Last but not least, Foohy’s Rollercoaster addon. It was featured on multiple game news sites and is first in like on the workshop. After 2 months(?) in development, it’s truly amazing <3


Lets let August bring even more cool stuffhttp://puu.sh/Ny4N

Fuck yes made highlights with my ridiculous weapons!

Content to post for this month coming soon!

I did think about that. I thought about writing a lua minifier. But I think it will cause everyone problems finding out where errors are generated.

In my opinion I found myself updating my gamemodes far less overtime because changing the map to build a datapack and then having to download it, bz2 it on my computer and then upload it to the webserver being annoying as shit. Clients would always complain terribly, disconnect and even possibly never come back. I’ve always wished for the client lua to have been sent directly to the client like it originally was in like 06/07.

So I possibly wrote a state machine. I don’t want to test it yet because (knowing my programming) I don’t have any fire extinguishers nearby.

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I guess it isn’t extremely useful, but it does create hooks to a specified callback function within a certain state and removes them as it exits.

You can replace the content with the amount of newlines the content previously had.

Hmm that’s true. I wonder if it would be worth it?

That would be sweet

Don’t forget the people who would spamjoin the server, so they would try to download the cache while it was still being uploaded… Corrupt datapacks are fun!

My first addon I posted here appeared straight on the next thread’s frontpage.
Thank you guys, I didn’t expect that. :smiley:

I think I am gonna post my stuff in this thread more often. :v:

I am kicking rollermines around, 'cause I am so happy. :>

MarbleBlast Ultra


Jesus, that’s fast! Impressed. Looking forward to this update. And WTF ducks?

You’re so fucking cool.

Works right now with ents, weapons, effects and gamemodes. If you include any file while loading any of those it’s covered.

It isn’t reloading anything in postprocess, autorun, or vgui right now - because I don’t think that would be useful to the huge majority of people.

Well maybe VGUI would be useful.

Autorun would probably be useful, but that’s easy to reload with lua_openscript

VGUI would be useful, as it’s kinda annoying in the first place trying to get a panel to look good. Editing it in real time would replace the 99 loading screens, with wonders.

When you say that works in multiplayer, does that mean the listen servers or dedicated servers?