What Are You Working On? -- November 2012

Realized I wasent using the dusk stuff inside skypaint at all
Bashed some math in for it, queued 1802 overture


Not dissapointed

please release or I will find you

Damn this owns

This doesn’t show it very well (the bot was spazzing out and spinning wildly), but i managed to make my 100% lua flashlights work as intended. Previously, they would only draw properly for the player they were parented to and for every other player their angles would be stuck as 0,0,0.

Now, they look good no matter which player you are. The performance hit on them isn’t that bad since i turned off their dynamic shadows.

I wonder if i should make a custom flashlight addon out of this? It would totally remove the default flashlight system.

I was planning to make some nice flashlights like that - but if It’s already coded and a certain someone wants to sharesies… :downs:

When asking nicely or threatening isn’t enough, use both

Oh shit
render.SetBlend just stopped working
this might be one hellua day

did a gmod update break it?

if so, you might wanna report it in the bug forum

Hey thanks guys.

Just release the code or make an addon if you feel the need. It’s not something you exactly need in DarkRP or Sandbox so an addon wouldn’t make too much sense.

No idea, render.SetBlend used to work fine, but now anything that shouldent be rendering is rendering

Working on SkyRP HUD, any ideas what to change or add?


Remove about 95% of the stars.

Haha, what you are seeing is midnight in my day/night cycle.

You really shouldent use the default starfield texture, it fills half of the sky with purple for some reason
Just get a 1024x1024 black texture in paint and spray white dots all over it

Or generate stars in lua.

What we’ve got here, is nearly the same thing as I’ve coded on over the last week.

…now I need to make mine even better. :confused:


I was gonna make it fall over in the end up I lacked the physics functions I need, hopefully I’ll get them in the next update (GetMeshConvexes)

how do you know all this stuff tobba?

3D chess tables. Two people can move the pieces around by sitting at one of the chairs. Just need to code the actual rules of chess in, right now it’s working on the honor system although it does say who moved what where.

Micro update: got the lighting on it to work


Lighting tip: SuppressEngineLighting() does not help fixing lighting issues
(I had it left in for some reason and didnt notice it)