What Are You Working On? -- September 2012

Why not include the part where it was child porn?

The fuck. Too much info.

no idea why you were banned
every forum should allow hardcore img tagged pornography.

Yeah it was some 16 year old kid with a photoshopped cartoon dick, watch out it’s “child porn”! Lmfao, I look back now and the community was full of power-hungry admin-dictators that most of which have never even played the RTS. Plus lazy developers, and the ones who wern’t (at least in my eyes) lazy never got access to the crap they needed to get things done. But who’s me to know anything… I posted “child porn” :v:


On topic though, I have a “new message” alert for chatbox tabs. Don’t mind the DFrame controls smashed on the left I was testing things.

A bit late but you should theoretically be able to hack around ShouldCollide by constantly changing the collision group, I noticed setting the collision group tried to flush some ShouldCollide cache stuff inside VPhysics when I was working on that


Let’s not forget you promoted two people to VIP for free. (And that you leaked files onto the internet)

On topic: Nice gamemode you has thar.

So he bumped TWO people up to VIP and leaked files but the line was drawn when he photoshop’d a kid sucking a dick?

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?

Also, I’m curious as to what files he supposedly leaked?

That was all after I got banned anyways.

  1. I actually paid for those player’s VIP because they couldn’t afford it to join the Beta… too bad your automatic donation was (and maybe still is) down for months (that you said you’ll “look at” the next day over this period :rolleyes:), or else you’d have logs.

  2. A database dump was deep inside some miscellaneous folder from a LUA dump of stuff I’ve done that I gave to a few people, and someone got a hold of it and leaked it, I openly admitted as it was a mistake. That was after I got banned anyways. I don’t think it contained anything really personal or anything that invades people’s major privacy… besides maybe a few month old “staff area” posts that weren’t anything seriously useful.

Their SVN actually did get hacked by someone though who released all their files. Kinda sucks because a lot of work was put into the RTS and it’s content… It’s all on the internet now :frowning: Oh well, I guess since it’s never coming out someone else can take it up and make something great out of it if that community won’t. Opensource yay! (Even though it was leaked… I guess it’s not really opensource… oh well, someone could still adapt it)

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Finally got around to taking that small vid of my mostly finalized character creation screen too.

I think it’s more or less finished after I went back and tweaked it a bit earlier this morning.

I personally don’t like how they overlap but still cool.

I think it wouldn’t look that bad if the background cards overlapped the models as they slide in front of them.

I’ll see what I can do… that should be possible.

dat ui


Is it possible to access a model’s root bone? GetBoneMatrix always returns nil on non-ragdoll entities.

	for i=0, ent:GetBoneCount() - 1 do
 		 local bone = ent:GetBoneMatrix(i)
 		 print("bone: " .. i .. ", " .. tostring( bone ) ) //bone: 0, nil on non-ragdoll entities. 

Also, ent:LookupBone(“static_prop”) returns 0, where if the bone doesn’t exist it instead returns nil. So the bone definitely exists.

I don’t think you can get the **root **bone of an entity… at that point it’s just transforming the entire bone matrix. (SetPos, SetAngles, etc)

Well that’s what I’m trying to do basically. I’d like to use Scale on the bone so I can have the old functionality of SetModelScale

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I’m really bad with bones :v:

So I’m gonna take the wild guess that it isn’t possible? Garry mentioned it could be done with the bone functions, so am I approaching this wrong or something?

I am not sure, but in case you dont read the GMOD13 forum, I place JetBooms solution there:

He posted it in this thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1214986

Yeah that won’t work for me, I’m dealing with explicitly clientside entities for scaling. But in that thread garry mentioned something else he’ll work on, so I’ll wait it out.

I used to play on a server that was just like this. Ima check it out right now.