What Are You Working On? V10 -- April 2012 Edition

Hey Facepunch! What are you working on?


Personalized license plates by highvoltage

More of Fantym420’s marble racing gamemode


Prop resizer by Gran PC on GMod 13

Physical clip tool (original by ralle105, fixed by cmdrmatthew on GMod13)

"Keypad Checker" by FPtje

Hentie’s guitar hero frets using uvwrapping


OCRP bank system + reward system by crap-head

Spencer Sharkey’s tile-game using derma

Gmod4ever’s pretty powerups/effects

More progress on Hentie’s zombie gamemode

Thermadyle’s pro gamemode

Hentie’s letter-wrapping textentry control (also created a word-wrapping one).

_Chewgum’s inventory

Weltensturm’s Cessna plane

BEN by Aska49

Illusion of a full city by Hentie

LEETNOOB’s loadout menu

"Shrinking map thing" (enterable 3d skybox) by Fantym420

F-18 Bat Chatillon by Hoffa1337

OP needs lots of work.

Of course, on page 6 of the old thread currently getting highlights. Will be finished soon.
Tell me any suggestions you have.

Pretty much done, any suggestions?

Could a mod please change the “V9” in the title to “V10”? My mistake.

needs less hentie

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flattered by the features though :blush:

You posted a lot of great stuff in the past thread, and it seems there wasn’t as much content as the past WAYWO V8 thread.

Not a mention of my vehicles :frowning:

Here’s a video:

It draws .png or .jpg images on your screen trough php and lua.

Gets kinda laggy when drawing 80x80 images. Which is 6 400 pixels, lol.

Why not use a HTML element instead? I’m sure that would be less laggy.

I’m not planning to actually draw images on players huds, this was just a test if you can actually draw them pixel by pixel.

Why would you be unable to do so?

Huh? I just tried if i can code something like this.

Apparently it works with 3d2d too, well why shouldn’t it work…

Not sure how I missed that. Added it :slight_smile:

Could you change the “V9” in the title to “V10” for me. Not sure if only mods can do this, but it won’t let me go advanced on the OP anyway.

i’m making some wonderful waffles

no offense but that reload animation is turrible

it’s a temporary as of right now, considering there hasn’t been a way to port anims yet.

Nothing at all near completion, But this is the principles:

GAMEMODE2:functions = {}
GAMEMODE2._Core = {}

function GAMEMODE2._Core:Initialize()
	for k,v in pairs(_G) do
		GAMEMODE2:functions[tostring(k)] = table.Copy(v)
	local t = 91
	local t2 = 0
	local IsDone = false
	local function GetCompleteSet(Blah)
			if Type(Blah) != "Table" then return end
			local Count = #Blah
			for k,v in pairs(Blah) do
				if Type(v) == "Table" then
					Count = GetCompleteSet(v) + Count
			return count
	while (t2<t && !IsDone) do
		if (!IsDone && t2 < t) and GetCompleteSet(GAMEMODE2:functions) == GetCompleteSet(_G) then
			t2 = t
			IsDone = true
	if !IsDone then
		print("Failed to comlpete Initialize")

function GAMEMODE2._Core:CallFunc(func,...)
	local extras = {...} // ? :D
	local funky = GAMEMODE2:functions[func]

function GAMEMODE2._Core:ReplaceFunc(func,func2)
	local funky = GAMEMODE2:functions[func]

What it should do: Replicates all the function in GMod, And Store and exact copy of what they do in a GAMEMODE2 table , Then the user can chose to derive those functions, And edit them.
What i expect should happen at the moment: fuck all, This was codded in 20, and has many usless things …

What i potential i want it to have: Be used in some anti cheats: For detecting when somthing is called, And … Blahz.

No, I’m not a grammar Nazi, I just fell on some errors in your code and thought that I should also help with your grammar/syntax. I will also post my solution to this problem soon.

I dont see a problem with my code, however repetitive it may be.
But as I see you like reading ( and also correcting ) my posts… Mind reading the first line again? The one that says it is no where near finished.
Any how… I will complete the ret of the code tomorrow.

Not being finished and having syntax errors are not the same thing.

Wow, i would of never known! Thanks for that information!!