What Are You Working On? V11 -- May 2012 Edition

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I’m still adding highlights!

That portal editor is looking mighty sexy.


[sub]hi foohy <3[/sub]

my name isn’t “jacktool” :frowning: (in the first highlight)

Terribly Sorry <3 I fixed it.


Units navigating through the path’s waypoints.

Ehh, you can’t see the units. But they do it.

IMO shoulda highlighted the rope trap over the bear trap, bear trap was more Kogitsune’s work than mine, to be fair.

HOLY CRAP are those navmeshes?

What would you lot rather? A Roleplay gamemode, or a deathmatch gamemode?

What’s the difference?

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But seriously: Roleplay is EXTREMELY overdone and deathmatch is pointless due to all the hackers in GMod. I recommend you to put your energy into something else.

Okay, ill re-phrase it. A roleplay gamemode based around plugins and a base framework that is gonna be easy to customize and allows you to create your own gamemodes using the framework, or a modular deathmatch gamemode with multiple game types that can be easily created within (Such as Free for all, Nuclear Defence or Hide and seek etc.).

You mean tiramisu… or any of conna’s shit?

You mean fretta?

Yes a lot like tiramisu/Clockwork (Its not exactly shit now is it…).
Also, not really like fretta as it involves guns in all the gamemodes.

Except with 2 lines of code Fretta can have guns too…

function CLASS:Loadout( pl )
pl:Give( “weapon_ar2” )
pl:GiveAmmo( 120, “AR2”, true)

Weapons in Fretta. Cool.

Why do you want to make something that already has been more or less done? Can’t you try to concentrate on something original?

-snip-broke my automerge :C

Update on my Floating Combat Text and added support for an RPG addon that I’m working on after this!

hey nice OP

What about call of duty, we are coming up to 9 I think and still strong. People like to play familiar games with a small twist.

Since it is the start of a new thread I would just like to say thanks to everyone that contribute to the threads. I do not post very often but I always read.
It is very interesting to see what you come up with and I often learn something from the discussions that follow.

Thank you.

They are indeed. LuaPineapple’s made an amazing pathfinder for Sassilization that I never had time to implement. I’m glad to see Spence is working on it.

they have campaigns that differ each of there games( use to ), why not make something truly unique?