What Are You Working On? V13 -- July 2012 Edition

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It’s that time of month again! Post yo shit.

I didn’t include any flash videos this time - it lagged up the front page. You can still link to the original video if they have videos, I just replaced them with screenshots :slight_smile:

This thread is stuffy. I think my sinuses are acting up. But yay new thread!

Looking into the vgui creation lag error. Shooting blanks. Joined a DarkRP server and pressed f4 so it lags. Attached VSleepy and did it multiple times. This is the offending callstack…


So I’m now looking at the possibility that it’s caused by some of the updated steam libs. Although that doesn’t quite explain why it’s only happening when creating vgui.

Anyone got anything that can help me debug? Does it happen when creating any vgui? Only DImage panels? Only DLabel?

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Ok - it looks like it might be to do with the Pyro’s vision changing shit.

i think you forgot foohy’s rollercoaster

how could you

… Fixed it!

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Due to the change in the HTML system - Panel:GetHTMLMaterial no longer exists - so in the next update I’ll be making it error.

I have however added panel:BindHTMLTexture(). When you call it if it’s successful it will return width and height of the texture, and bind it - so that any textured rects you draw (using surface) will draw using the texture.

If not successful it will return nothing.

Working on some HL2RP addons, one simple CWU combine lock and an auto application system for MPF so people don’t need to be interviewed. Nothing special.

Will this also work for drawing sprites etc?

It’s kinda annoying though, you usually were able to just store the material and delete the html panel, can’t you manually move the html texture to a new texture?

I know that might be slower but it would keep functionality.

Thanks regardless.

Why don’t you do that yourself in Lua? Create a RT, bind the HTML texture, draw to the RT and remove the HTML panel.

Creating rendertargets takes ages as you might know, therefor this methode is not exactly practical as you would need 1 rt per html material you would like to keep, additionally a c++ implementation would be faster anyways.

Creating rendertargets no longer takes ages - not in GMod 13.

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Also don’t bring up the performance argument on something that you should do ONCE per HTML panel.

Well ok, I’ll test it with my lua implementation once gm13 works again and see how slow the process really is.

it was featured last month :slight_smile:

When I was playing a server with gmod 12, the HTML panel performance was amazing despite the fact it crashed when I tried to use the radio. New windows in HTML cause it to make a vgui window with the content and the mouse input seems to be slightly offset. But with like 10 HTML panels I didn’t have much of a performance hit(other than the fact it was drawing 10 textured rects essentially) yet again the quality of the text looks pretty aliased. And the new transparency with the HTML panel – if I can get that to work it would mean it wouldn’t be unfeasable to have HTML guis like many games do now(crysis, dota 2, csgo etc, however they use scaleform which is just flash). I am pretty excited for this as the HTML panel used to have to be used very sparingly. You can actually make HUDs with HTML panels and not be afraid of a performance hit if you use it for each of your HUD elements!

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wall of text

using a HTML panel for stuff? that’s dumb.

i don’t see why thats a reason not to showcase really good work that’s been regularly shown to still be in progress

Doesn’t Overgrowth by Wolfire Games use HTML for all it’s menu elements?

It does a pretty good job, I think it uses Awesomium? I know there was a module for it but it wasn’t really widespread.
Does anyone know anything about it and if it could benefit Garry’s Mod?

Pretty sure awesomium requires garry to pay for a license if he wants to include it in the game.



I don’t think Garry made less than $100K last year…

Stop selling the game, Garry!

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$3000 isn’t that much for a game like Garry’s Mod AFAIK…

even with the money on hand, 3K is still a lot to pay for something that isn’t really needed in the game

large servers like GMT have shown that players are willing to go download it for free themselves

Says the person using in almost the hole startup menu? ^^