What are your anti-minge defense measures?

What do you do to protect your stuff?

I don’t care who uses my stuff, long as there not assholes.

My trick is to make a button that says something like, “Self-Destruct (DON’T PUSH)” Or if it’s a movie theater “RICKROLL!” Of course it doesn’t do what it says. It detonates invisible dynamite below. I tell people not to screw with my stuff, and they try, so they deserve it.

I just dupe and let admins take care of them.

prop pushing :stuck_out_tongue:

To protect mystuff I use the dont play on shit servers system. It works well.

Method 1 (80% success rate)

  1. !Ragdoll<troublesome player>
  2. give warning to player and wait for response
    3a. !unragdoll <troublesome player>
    3b. Player remains ragdolled (no response)

Method 2 (for extreme cases)

  1. Open up console
  2. Type status, close console
  3. !kick <troublesome player>
  4. Open up console, type ulx banid <steam ID here> <Time to ban here>

Gotta love admin powers

Now outside of that I got this simple dumpster top programed with wire to ceaselessly chase its victim around the map no matter if he’s on the ground or in the air and run them over again and again. Because it will endlessly circle your feet and ram anything you’re in, mingebags end up devoting 100% into trying to get rid of the damn thing.

“guy A is being a dick”
guy A has been kicked from server

Aiembahts, anyone?

Yeah, with that such a thing, I don’t need a contraption to kill them off, I just target, fire, and done.

And if they come back to get me, I do it again.

Sure, it may sound “skillless”, but you’d get the same results anyways if you pulled out a wiremod turret or something. Hardly any difference between the two.

I can at least aim without an aimbot anyways.

ulx ban name 0 “reason”

Only play singleplayer.

It works wonders.

I find that a trap works better than killing them. If they can’t escape, and don’t know how to suicide, they probably won’t bother you for a while.

Trap them in a box and I think there is a way to disable suicides


I guess my anti-minge measures are to be a bigger minge. Usually it works.

Make a high-speed applyAngForce turret that kills him as soon as he spawns: You have no chance of survival, make your sorrys :wink:




E=findPlayerByName(“part or complete name of trouble player”)
concmd("ulx slay "+E:name)

That is win.

rcon kick

Too simple to me, not creative :smiley:

Make a camera facing a blank wall. Make a button for the same key as the camera. Make invisible dynomite or prop spawner(of explosive) and turret with no force with the same key as the button and camera. THIS TRICK IS EVIL! USE IT FOR EXTREME CASES ONLY! It kills the player and blinds them. unless they rejoin or somehow manage to press the button without knowing where it is, they will be blinded. Try using rope to make a message that says “DONT TOUCH MY SHIT, ASSHOLE!”

Genius, just genius. And evil one :stuck_out_tongue:

I just did this on a RP Server. I even titled the button DO NOT PRESS. They Pressed it anyways and had to reconnect and lose their job

It varies. All my methods are for RP servers though, or sandbox with no noclip or ULX protected noclip.

  1. Trap them in a large prop so they can’t move. Ask them to apologise, and then let them out when they bite the bullet.
  2. Spawnrape them with propkilling until they get the picture.
  3. If the admins aren’t doing shit or are responsible, crash the server instantly with a bug I know. It’s like an extreme version of ragequitting - you make everyone else quit with you. <3