What are your favorite Gamemodes?

Hello guys!

I’m looking for some nice GameMods for Garrys mod.
Post your favorite Gamemode/s just below. Would be nice if you leave a Download Link.
Looking for some Download Links: latest HoverSkate Mod, latest Garryware, latest Zombie Surivival and latest DarkRP.
Thanks in advance.

One of my favs is ToxSin sadly pretty much noone plays it for some reason.
SVN link: http://toxsin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Also to get it out of the way: You can’t DL the latest version of ZS legit. You either have to get a leak, which I don’t know if it exists or play at the official servers (NoxiousNet). Not sure about DarkRP since i’ve lost track of the versions but you could try the
SVN: http://darkrp.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

Not sure if you like or use SVN but it’s the most reliable way of getting the most up to date version.

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT for short) is a really awesome gamemode, and is very unique.

In case you want a quick overview, a small group of people called Traitors try to kill a larger group of Innocents, but at the same time no one but the Traitors know who the Traitors are.

The Traitors get special tools and gadgets to help them kill the Innocents but since there are more Innocents the goal is for the Traitors to pick them off one by one in secret to take them all out, but there are usually one or two special Innocents called Detectives who have access to their own gadgets and their job is to track down the Traitors using DNA evidence found on dead bodies and other tools.

Official website: http://ttt.badking.net/

Requirements: Counter Strike: Source

You don’t need to download it because it comes with gmod by default now, though you’ll have to join a server to get the maps.


Since it won the Fretta thing it’s already in Gmod, but you still need CSS since the gamemode uses CSS models and textures.

(And most maps use CSS anyway, so why wouldn’t you have it?)

Oh, and I fixed my post.

PERP (Pulsar Effect RolePlay) was a pretty fun gamemode until the minges and noobs flooded it.

It’s pretty much everything that DarkRP should be. A player account system, a car system, Inventory system and more all tied together to create an awesome gameplay experience.

A few other cool gamemodes were GMStranded and Deathrun

Deathrun and sandbox, definitely my favorites.

TTT, Dogfight, and Naval Play.