What are your guys' thoughts on the new Hammer editor?

Hey everyone,

So I am very new to mapping, I experimented a couple years ago on Garry’s Mod, trying to recreate my school and other small little projects. Like most of you i’m sure, I learnt how to use hammer from the 3kliksphilip tutorials which were very well made. Now i’ve gotten back into mapping after rediscovering S&box after the project was dead for a while, and I am really loving it.

So i’m curious, how do you guys feel about the Source 2 Hammer Editor? Obviously there are a lot of restrictions because we don’t yet have access to S&box, but i think it is a really great improvement over the original hammer editor!


You can use the new hammer with HLA and it is amazing!

Today I was doing some Source 1 mapping and it made me realize how far Hammer “2” has come. You will definitely have an easier time using Hammer 2 if you have experience in the previous version. I think one of the best improvements is just general QoL. I think all it needs is a bit more documentation and general support and It will succeed Hammer 1 with flying colors.


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this would make it even better, currently half the things I search “how do x in hammer source 2” or something similar I will just find results for old hammer.

Simply put, it’s million times better than the old Hammer.

It’s still the only editor with decent geometry editing tools.

I’ve just picked up Hammer 2 with Alyx and there’s a bunch of quality of life improvements such as making the block tool create actual meshes instead of BSP brushes, the cut tool feeling less restrictive. VIS getting updated making optimisation easier no longer having to add area portals (so I had heard) but is kinda buggy at times. And the addition of the polygon tool (still learning to use it). There’s so much I can talk about.

It’s definitely a lot better than the original hammer. There were definitely a few things that were WILDLY different from the original that made getting started a little bit confusing, but once I got a handle on things it wasn’t too bad

And for full disclosure, I’m not much more than a beginner map maker