What Are Your Roleplay Ideas? - Goals And Objectives

Could the lot of you post goals and aims you want in a roleplay gamemode, the things you want to spend your money on. The only thing is they need to be fun, well paid off and worth it in the end.

[release]Current List

• Weapons
• Ammo
• Vehicles
• Clothes
• Extra clothes (Hats, body armour)
• Properties
• Tools (Like nail, weld, rope, elastic)
• Physics Gun
• Flags (Prop spawning eg.)


People dont want to just walk around all day doing nothing pretending to do things.

They want goals, aims, ranks to reach for.

A better way of doing jobs, such as dividing into two sectors, the Government (salary paid) and the private sector (earn your own). You could then have areas of expertise and then eventually the jobs themself.

I also think that all jobs must have some functionality, you can’t trust the player to roleplay, you have to lay down some functional sweps & commands to make it more functional.

Depends what kind of roleplay is your goal.
That sounds like DarkRP to me.

So you mean like a business kind of idea, own your own kind of business.
I like it

It may sound a lot like DarkRP, but it is not DarkRP.
It may have features like DarkRP, but will not be DarkRP.
People like DarkRP, so i will give them what they like in features not in copying.

I’d like to see a bigger focus on the flow of goods in roleplay gamemodes. There shouldn’t be any jobs - there should just be flags you can get (whether it be from the government or from the server administration) that allow you access to different items. In short, there’s almost no thought put into the economy and making it difficult to “get into” but rewarding in the end.

None of the Garry’s Mod RP servers/gamemodes I’ve ever seen have interested me. Guns are completely pointless, people buy the guns then kill people, and as soon as they do that everyone starts to yell “RDM BAN HIM OMG”, which is total bullshit. If the gamemode has guns and people don’t like RDM then the GAMEMODE needs to have ways to combat it, make it so there is very little ammo for guns, make it so there has to be a police force before anyone can get a gun. Or better yet don’t add guns at all.

Just allow people to punch each other with fists, and instead of dying they “faint” their screen darkens, but not completely, and they fall to the ground, the player can still look around. From there if someone has a medical kit they can revive them on the spot, or after 10 seconds the player could choose to revive at a hospital.

Vehicles are pretty pointless as well unless you get a very big map.

Maybe have it so we actually have to craft tools and items instead of just buying everything from stores, similar to Minecraft. There could be mines for people to mine various minerals, which can be used to make tools that will speed up, or more efficiently mine, harvest, or do other tasks. A forest to collect apples, herbs, seeds. Seeds could be planted and will make a little mound of dirt that will grow a certain food, like a watermelon, after 10 or so minutes. Stores should only be stocked with what the players sell. So if there is a food store they wouldn’t have any food until a player sells them apples they collected from a forest, or various plants they grew.

Or maybe have it so stores are completely player run. there could be a market place which has several stands that are free to use, but will take 5% of all the money you make. You enter a stand and there will be a menu where you can place items, and set a price for each item. other players can then come and view your store and buy things. Then there can be actual stores, or maybe be able to run a store from your house. These will need to be purchased, but once you have it you can set up a similar store system as the market place, but it wont take 5%, and you wont need to stay in the store for it to work.

Every time you do an action like mining or collecting from a forest you should earn a very small amount of money. But you should not get money every x minutes, and you shouldn’t need to sign up for a job. Players can determine there own job by what they do. Maybe they want to mine a lot. Or maybe they want to create rare or useful tools to sell to other players. They could make medicines with herbs that when taken by someone will speed up their actions, or make them run faster for a certain amount of time.

Players will have “health” and “energy”. Health goes down when taking damage like being hit or falling, which when it hits 0 will lead to fainting. Energy is used when doing any action, and when you craft something is goes down a lot. If your energy is 0 any action or crafting you do will take from your health. Both health and energy can be replenished by eating foods or taking medicines made with herbs.

I don’t know how difficult this kind of stuff would be to code, I’d imagine the inventory and item stuff wouldn’t be too hard because I’ve seen plenty of that in Garry’s mod. But anyways, this is the kind of stuff I would want to see in an RP, to me this is the kind of stuff that needs to be done to keep players doing actual things, and not just pretending, as well as giving as much freedom as possible to the player.

I might add a stock exchange sort of thing.

Also, there will be the government and the citizens.
No set in stone jobs.

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That is one nice post!

I will definitely take it all into concent, I was planning on adding tree cutting and I may add farming as well.
Ammo will be very sparse and hard to make.
Mining would be hard in evocity but if I use evocity2 then I could add some nice features like mines and farming.
I love the Market stall idea and I have thought of some nice extras for that.

This should be some nice work tomorrow.

Sinavestos’ take on RP (his Noobonic Plague server) seems to already have a lot of the features this comment brings up.

On Noobonic, ammo is more expensive (not as expensive as it should be, in my opinion), and you can actually RDM to a point. Gangsters can fuck up police and SWAT as much as they want with no punishment, and if he really doesn’t want a job RDMing (such as hitmen), it’s an instant demote. If someone kills you, you get revenge, and you can kill them however you want with no punishment.

That’s almost exactly what it’s like on Noobonic. When someone dies, they have to wait to respawn (it adjusts according to cause, so an RDM induced death takes less time than a death caused from trying to kill the mayor or getting your ass whooped by The Beast), and while they’re waiting, you can perform CPR (press E 10 times at exact one second intervals), or a medic or paramedic with a defib can instantly revive.

Many servers run some variation of EvoCity or Downtown. Noobonic has a flawless vehicle system, but it’s not like it needed much work anyway. All vehicles have health and can be upgraded with armor. Mechanics can repair, upgrade (armor-wise), and refuel empty cars. They can also change the color. Salvagers make money by tearing apart abandoned cars.

Noobonic has a mining system exactly like the one you stated. If there’s a rock you can hit, you can mine. You can then craft the materials into guns, defibs, lockpicks, hats, and cars. It goes hand in hand with the beast event, which spawns a large rock mound with lots of rare gems when it dies. Mining even has it’s own special event, where the max amount of mining foremen (and drills) is increased to five, which usually results in large mining colonies being formed. There is no food system like that, but there are entities that are kinda’ like that, like the weed plant, so I don’t think it would be too hard to make happen.

Noobonic does NOT have this feature, and it is something I’d really like to see.

This seems a lot more RPG-esque than roleplay. Maybe that’s just me.

If energy is bound to health, then health should be bound to energy. Whenever you get hurt, your energy goes down, but the energy lost should only be 1/4th of the health lost or something like that. That way, people won’t be able to dig themselves out of fainting by just making a ton of medicines out of some nearby herbs and get better right on the spot.

Sinavestos has already done a lot of the stuff above and a lot more than I have down. From what I know, there are many other coders out there that are just as good if not better than Sin, so I really don’t think skill will be an issue.

What would I like to see? A list of laws so that mayors don’t have to keep shouting out what the laws are over broadcast non-stop.

A good economy system. Instead of having a bunch of jobs, add a /job chat command similar to DarkRP, then have a few simple flags for other things.
Government jobs would require flags, for example, and same goes for selling items.

I’d like to see a character kill system. Yes, I’ve played plenty of SA-MP roleplay, and their character kill system used is genius. Basically you can kill each other all you want, but you just keep coming back. However, you can initialize a character kill, meaning that if you successfully kill that person after initializing it, EVERYTHING of theirs gets reset. Here’s the “catch”: You must have a valid reason, and have quite a bit of money / rank.

The problem is, there is nothing really worth losing in RP. I’m a firm believer in giving someone something worth fighting for, otherwise known as self-preservation.

I think personally, DarkRP should be revamped. It would be cool if everyone started off with $500, keys, and a phygun. Then, they should make actual tools like welds unavailable to the public, and model a hammer in game for the use of nails… It would be so fun if you had a hammer and actually got to nail things together…

No thanks.

People are not going to “Remake” DarkRP.
They would just start from scratch cause it’s a lot quicker.

Basically PERP, but with more legal ways to get money, not just grow drugs or gun down people who do. Its a great gamemode, but its undermined by the fact, that guns and raids are the most profitable things to do by far. There needs to be better government jobs.

Also more controls for the Mayor, like property tax, fuel tax, gun tax, etc.

Other than that, the gamemode is brilliant.

Oh trust me, i have so many ideas for the mayor it will be such a fun job to play.

Oh and little pet peeve I have is chat commands. This is Garry’s Mod, there literally aren’t limits to most things in this game. We shouldn’t need to use chat commands to do half of the things in a gamemode, plus you can easily forget a command or not know it exists. Just use VGUI/Derma elements and make a nice menu.

I understand chat commands can be a little bit faster, but it will only take you a second longer to open a menu and do whatever you need from there.

Chat commands will be used as little as possible, im going to use Menus for it all.
They look nicer and can be more feature full that way.

Great, I love controlling people :smiley:

Also, I agree with CowThing, chat commands are pretty annoying, you can go on for weeks without knowing them all.

PS. Are you actually making a gamemode?

He’s claiming to be making one.