What are your thoughts on source 2 mapping?

first off the bat everything being in a new age SDK menu i like. all the tools are in one place so importing custom assets is a breeze (thank you for your service VTFedit). as for hammer editor itself this will take some serious getting used to. some of old hammer is there but a lot of things keep catching me out like holding shift instead of ctrl to select multiple objects. things like texture alignment and entity properties are nothing like what it was. i am still getting used to it but muscle memory has me used to the old shortcut keys where i could quickly and efficiently make things but now simple actions are very slow and clunky because of the change. i spent like 10 whole minutes trying to select a brush i accidentally made to delete it which involved me having to move the brush it was inside to select and delete it. old hammer would just let me clip inside the existing brush to select the one i want to delete. i do appreciate how they cut out the fat in some places like light environment automatically adjusting itself for the skybox, but i was so used to doing that manually and it was no big deal. in some places the fat cutting doesnt even work, like the 3D camera being used with any tool selected. when im looking around i randomly select things and move them when all i want to do is move the camera.

all in all i think they fixed everything. including what was not broken. and before people say “HEY TIMES A CHANGIN THINGS GOTTA BE DIFFERENT” they couldve kept the interface identical and achieved the same goal by adding on to it.

I guess you are kinda cursed because I never used Hammer 1 so coming in fresh has been a breeze : )

your gonna have to push throughhhh :poop:

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no i just fucking HAAAAAAATE change.

btw how do you get around moving the 3D camera without hammer wanting to right click everything in sight.

There were definitely some pains moving over, but I can’t say that there’s a single thing I miss from hammer 1 now after getting used to hammer 2. Not claiming it’s perfect, but its by far the best level design tools you can use. I even use it to create my level geometry and import it into unity lol.

As for the moving the 3d camera, just make sure that when you’re right clicking to move the camera that you actually move your mouse before letting go.

Press Z

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I can’t say that there’s a single thing I miss from hammer 1

the layout and shortcut keys

The only shortcut keys that they got rid of are the ones that aren’t needed for the new brush based system. Everything you need has a shortcut still.

oh yeah it still HAS shortcuts but they arent the same. imagine a new car came out. its still a car, has better mileage than the last model, can go faster, etc.

but for some reason instead of a steering wheel and pedals its a bunch of levers and knobs and you have no idea how to drive it. yeah you can learn but it was an unnecessary change. and when you go to drive the old car again your muscle memory is all off.

But you’re not in a car anymore. It does a new task, so it needs new controls. You wouldn’t put a car’s steering wheel and gas peddle in a plane.

nonono- this is still a car (level editor). it does the same thing but its got a few fancy extras and the fat cut out. ultimately it is still just a car. you dont need to replace the gearstick when you could add a switch for the sunroof to open.

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That’s silly. It’s still a level editor in the same way that a car and a plane are both modes of transportation. They’re in the same class, but need different toolsets, and therefore need different controls to use them efficiently. Things are mesh based now instead of brush based. Using a mesh based system with the same controls from hammer 1 would be a nightmare. You’re only asking for the editor to be worse, just so there are less changes.

Honestly, I’m done arguing. This isn’t interesting anymore.

no its completely logical. you add on extra controls for the new shit. simple as.

anyway bye.

yeah good

I started mapping in hammer 1 and honestly the workflow in hammer 2 is just so much more intuitive. instead of having to make everything from Bsp brushes you’re able to work the program like a modeling software. Truthfully though its completely based on opinion, I can see how hammer 1’s workflow could work better with some people. Plus you’re still able to use the BSP flow in hammer 2 you just need to remove a few extra faces when making walls ect…

While yes, I agree getting used to a new set of binds is annoying you’re going to have to no matter what if you want to use any type of new software. Plus learning those new binds gives you time to mess with the new functions of the software you’re using.

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