What are your thoughts with the new NPC ideas. Vegetables?

looks fun. I dont know if they should be everywhere on the map like wolves or only in specific biomes.

You forgot this one also

To be honest, I did not like much … I prefer other more interesting and real threats like lions, pack of wolves, hyenas, jaguars, panthers, spiders, snakes and horses ( for travelling :slight_smile: we really need them )… but if it was to have something so surreal I think they have better choices …
Is just my opnion, but even with vegetables or not I will continue playing rust, because I like a lot.

not a huge fan. They seem overly cartoony and i kinda question the backstory that would give rise to giant mutated carrots.

Hopefully Garry didn’t use his alpha bux to buy a license for Attack of the Killer Tomatoes or anything

Guess you missed the trello notes about them specifically being player pets/guards for homes. You raise them in your crop fields and keep them fed with your feces. They dont do much damage to enemies, but their bite is poison, so an enemy will be too busy vomiting to raise a gun once bitten.

Garry is also going to allow you to name them, so if you put in chat box /pet:FIDO STAY. The carrot pet Fido will guard the area its at.

Anything beyond wolves and bears will be a treat, regardless of their role or the quality of the implementation.

This would give my life meaning again if he did.
Especially if the music comes with it:

Love it might need to educate myself a little more on the back story but if there is radiation why could there not be mutated ‘anythings’ this is riff within many titles that have elements of radiation.

still not feeling this idea. if they want to implement some kind of pet/guardian that could be really cool. Why not allow players to accomplish that with dogs or other animals. mutant carrots and turnips are too…

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The more I think about it, I the more i think something like domesticated dogs could provide some really interesting game play.

They’d persist and might be somewhat difficult to acquire. non-lethal traps for adult animals followed by a domestication period? maybe. find a den with puppies in it and allow them to grow in game? possibly

the most interesting feature of these pet animals would be balancing their defensive usefulness with their vulnerability. It would be important for the animals to be a persistent npc character. nofair picking them up and putting them in a box somewhere.

Dogs left outside might roam and detect hostiles within a set perimeter. think about how cool it would be if you’re inside your house working hard cooking your chicken and you hear barking from your dog. you run out and see a bear viciously attacking your dog. Oh shit! you grab your spear and join in the melee. you manage to kill the bear but alas, poor sparky has been mortally wounded. I guess you should have made him an inside only dog:(

The next dog you get you decide only to let out when you can keep an eye on it. all is going well until one day you log onto the server and discover your base has been raided. mother fuck! they took everything! the only think left in your entire base is a bag of cooked meat right next to your bed. hmm… you dont remember leaving that there. wait a minute, where’s sparky jr? MOTHER FUCKING RAIDERS KILLED MY DOG, COOKED HIM, AND LEFT HIM NEXT TO ME TO FIND.

suonds like a pretty kewl game

Roons, I was joking around with the pets comment. In actuality, Garry is making a game about the dangers of GMO crops…

Yeah these were far from the ideas I had when they said zombies were placeholders…

Remember, these are concepts. They’re not final.

Third-person is in the experimental build, and it’s not final either.

Don’t listen to Élix, he works for Monsanto. He is spreading disinformation to stop Facepunch from releasing the game Garry wants to make to warn us.