What attracts you to a server?

What attract you to a specific server from the list of thousands available. Without playing the server at all, how do you choose which to join?

I’m trying to figure out why my server went from 3 - 6 players for three weeks then in one day jumped to 50 yet I made no changes to the server like installing plugins or wiping the map.

No hackers and dedicated admins which don’t abuse or favor anyone.

friendly community and active admins that talk to everybody. the players will eventually come if a server has that imo.

i like going in to a server and having conversations with people while i play. the wonderful thing about rust is that once you get players in the server, they should keep coming back as long as its lag free and engaging.

Ah, everyone wants that. Let me correct the original post.

I just started a server and it had no traffic at first. All of the sudden it snowballed, and there were 20 at off peak. I think it comes down to a bit of luck and a good name. Once people start joining, others come too.

Usually things that seem attractive.

Are there specific plugins that attract you to a server?

Oxide mod… instacraft, shared doors, i personally enjoy the questing and economy plugins as well. (as long as their customized well)

What about these mods: Chat History, FPS Booster, Ownership Remover, Private Messaging, Stats, Tickets?