What Big Boss / Naked Snake models have already been released?

I tried to do a search on the forums but I didn’t get much results with keyword ‘snake’ or ‘young snake’ or even ‘Big Boss’.

I am asking because I am a professional animator interested on working with these models in Maya.

I’ve seen references to the SSBB Snake in several topics but I am unable to find the thread which has the download link.

Snaaakeeeeee!!! this one shows promise but it hasn’t been released yet.

It would be great if someone could link me to working download link somewhere.

Thanks in advance. :holy:

I used google, the main ones I know of can only be gotten through garrysmod.org, or gamebanana, but to decompile these from their current formats you need to own HL2 or a game like it such as Portal or something. So if you don’t own a game containing hl2 files(which are needed for the decompiling) your out of luck. And to download from garrysmod.org u need to own gmod also.

also, you realise these are copyrighted content also, so if your a professional animator, may i ask what purpose are you gonna use them for? because it can’t be something commercial.

Super Smash Bros Brawl Snake is in the Brawl Models thread by Luigimario.

And I’ll get you some more links in a moment.

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Brawl Model Pack by Luigimario;

Should contain the Grenade Launcher, Snake’s Box, and Solid Snake from the Brawl models pack.

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There is some collection of Hexed PMC models with a Big Boss in there, I’m looking for it but I’m not sure if I’ll find a link.

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Here it is;

@geoface: nope. nothing commercial. mostly for a side project geared towards fanboyism of the metal gear franchise.

@SZK: thank you kindly for the links, but as geoface pointed out, I’d need to own an HL2 game or gmod for those files.

do you guys have any idea if it would be easy for Luigimario to convert these models and textures for opening in Maya or something?

Not sure, but firstly only the Brawl Models are his. Secondly, good luck talking with him. Not sure he visits this site anymore. You might reach him through his website somehow, but I’m not sure.

You might ask the people he was working with about it though. Not sure how much they’ll be able to help you, but they might at least be able to provide you with a source, or the models in non-Gmod format, or point you in Luigimario’s direction.

You can check on Luigimario’s website to see who they were, I do believe Nexus_Elite was one of them.

PMC Soldiers from MGS4

(Praying Mantis Style)


could come in useful. but these guys are too modern for what i had in mind. also, most of the links are dead. thanks for suggesting though. :smiley:

He mean this guy: http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/2/29679/892820-big_boss_super.jpg
Not the other snakes

We know, but he’s also willing to take what he can get. If you read, he was asking about the other ones as well.

Believe me, if anyone knows about Metal Gear in here, it’s me.

that is correct. as long as I have a base snake model (mgs3 onwards [portable ops, SSBB, peace walker, MGS4]) I can easily modify him to be Big Boss.

Though the one from SSBB shouldn’t really be called Solid Snake because that snake is practically the Naked Snake model from MGS3.

Which reminds me, has there been any successful PS3 model ripping? As I remember, there was a rather handsome Young Snake model in MGS4.

Brawl Snake = Naked Snake + Solid Snake. Well, basically. I think that’s what Kojima and Nintendo were going for with that version.

Brawl Snake is one of my favorite incarnations of Snake.

And Big Boss is the reason I have a beard. Well, the reason I kept it, anyway. The reason I have it is laziness, heh heh heh.

And yeah, there’s been some PS3 model ripping, but not much…not much at all. chrrox cracked a certain format used by some Compile Heart games and the like, but other than that, not much.

And what you’re thinking of is the Face Camo Snake. It looked amazing, but was just a head. You’d probably have to rip Snake’s body independently and put the two together.

Have you ever seen my models?