What BLU does after red's all dead.

I apoligize for the fingerposing, as most people know, the engine doesn’t do fingerposing at a certain distance, and to get everyone in I had to back up a bit, losing the finger posing on one or two people.

The pyros right foot isn’t floating, it’s flat on the ground, just an akward angle, and yes, I see that the snipers legs kinda bend.


Everyone cheers as the Scout kicks someone’s head at a constipated heavy.

The posing is a bit stiff to my liking.

Goalies always look constipated with a shot coming at them :stuck_out_tongue:

C&C appreciated.

It looks…

Awkward, especially the scout

needs more editing though

I was modeling the scout after a kid on my team who takes all our penalty kicks. That’s his exact stance. And… What needs editing? It’s a simple picture. Thanks for the C&C though.

Hmm, but heavy looks “i’ll get this ball and then i’ll take a great mighy poo that will last a century and will be smelled all over the world! HAAAHAAAHA!”

Good posing, i share your pain as my faceposer, fingerposer and eyeposer Don’t work at a certain distance.
For the next time, try a place where you can get everyone with plenty of room. i dislike the pyro standing on a pile of soil.

Good, well, everything!

I laughed at the quote. Thanks for the comment.

Really stiff. I like the idea, but as others said, the heavy looks constipated.

I tried to give him the ready to spring and stop the goal look. Guess it didn’t work that well.

use r_lod 0 to enable fingerposing at any distance

Or LOD menu in the side bar

I was actually expecting an orgy. :v: