What bones does w_model use?

I can’t decompile any so I’m asking you.

Counter-Strike/Left 4 Dead/Day of Defeat, TF2/Portal, or original HL2?

CS/L4D/DOD: ValveBiped.weapon_bone
TF2/Portal: weapon_bone
HL2: ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand or ValveBiped.Anim_attachment_RH

Uhm, it’s still like this:

Playermodel holds anything in hands but this.

…Then it’s because the original model lacks the bone used by default for weapon attachment.

I tried on default playermodels, still doesn’t work.

Provide a link to the model for the gun so we can take a look at it. I assume the origin for the w_model is in the wrong place, assuming the pistol is what you want the player to hold in that picture.