What bsp packing program is popular nowadays?

In other words, where can I find the fancy program that will sort through severl GBs of textures+models and automatically pack what’s needed :3
packBSP is being a niglet and only having HL2:DM show up, pakrat works but is a pain in the ass to find them all :frowning:

1: Open pakrat
2: Select your map
3: Click “Scan”
4: Set the Gamedir to the path to the game you are mapping for.
eg “C:\Steam\steamapps*Account*\half-life 2 episode two\ep2” if you map for ep2.
5: Click “Scan”
6: Click “Add selected”
7: Click “Yes to all”
8: Click “File” -> “Save BSP”

That’s what I do.

I use vide myself. packrat would never work properly for me.

I’ve trained myself to sort the content I use in my maps, so when it comes time to pakrat I just copy everything in that directory.

Except Jorpakko. Too big. :v:

Well I feel like a dumb-ass :v:

Its a simple mistake people make, dont be so harsh on yourself.

I used to have something similar to Pakrat except you didn’t have to do anything except clicking your file and it did the rest for you.
If only I could remember what it was called v:v:v

I use VIDE & PAKRAT. Good thing about VIDE is that it includes some more things in the scan that PAKRAT sometimes misses (for example I have to manually add extra things like .pcf files). Only problem is that ive had VIDE crash on me when changing a directory of a file in a BSP that has already been packed.

I can change the directory of a file that has already been packed in PAKRAT, however if I add any new files to an already packed BSP, the map tends to go corrupt on me.

TL;DR: When packing, get it all done right the first time.

I use PackBSP.