What bugs should we focus on reporting?

This is a question directed at the devs, and it may seem dumb at first glance- but hear me out.

With the addition with the bug report system, now players can easily let the devs know about this horrible game breaking bug that MUST BE REMOVED RIGHT NOW or else every single player is going to uninstall.

Which is good, because that means major bugs will be reported en masse and the severity of the bug can be determined by the amount of reports coming in.

But with this tool, I can’t help but ask, do the devs only want us reporting major bugs, or should players be dutiful in reporting any bug they encounter? What I mean is: “Should I only focus on reporting this exploit that lets people fly using doors, or should I also report this small bug that sometimes doesn’t show the holosight if I equip it while I’m holding the weapon?”

Obviously down the line all bugs should be reported for the maximum optimization of the game, but as of right now I’m wondering if our focus should only be on pretty major bugs. Should we specify the severity of whatever error we’re reporting? Should reports only be kept to issues like the server wipe glitch and the memory leak issues? Or should I also send in reports about some textures on High Stone Walls breaking if I’m (X) meters away from it?

This new feature is great, and I would love to do my part in helping the game improve, but I also don’t want to bog down the bug report inbox with things that can be ignored until a later date.

So, devs, what would you prefer us do? (Look if there’s a special place on this site where you can directly ask the devs without posting on the forums I am deeply sorry for looking like a huge dumbass, but I didn’t see anything and I kind of felt like it would be a bit more appropriate here anyway)

personally i would say to report every bug, and let the team determine the importance of each. it’s too subjective, and with every tom dick and harry saying that a different bug “needs fix right nao!!”, its better to leave those decisions to them than try and micromanage something they will already have to sort through.

True, but in doing so that is sending a much larger amount of error reports, which in turn need to be sifted through in order to find the ones of most importance. Even if there’s an easy way to sort, via keywords or specific errors, it could still easily get in the way of finding what is the highest priority.

I mean maybe there could be a small option to clarify how much of an issue the bug you are reporting is…? A little checkbox for “Major”, “Moderate”, and “Minor”? I guess that could help it out a little, if the devs wanted an easier way to sort through these reports. If they only want major bugs to be reported though, I don’t see that being a thing.

i see the benefits to having a scale for the importance of the issue, but it could be readily abused by people ie EXTREME PRIORITY BUG: “x is hacking, ban nao!!”. i think we need to A) use some common sense with our reporting and B) trust that the team can either handle it, or change the reporting system to group alike bugs together etc to make it easier to handle:)

I haven’t played since the latest update so haven’t seen the new tool yet.

I’d imagine there’s a “priority system” meaning the player can choose how critical they deem the bug to be? That way when Garry and the team get around to looking at them they can deal with the high-priority ones first.

If that is in place then I’d suggest you submit any and all bugs you encounter and ensure you’re setting the priority correctly.