What can I expect FPS wise from my new PC?

I ordered a new pc from alienware and Im not really a expert in the PC technical area.

Previously I was running on a 7800 gt and 3800 dual core AMD processor with 2gb RAM so naturally i didnt get much gameplay after about 30-40 npcs. With my new machine coming I will be on,

Processor - Intel I7 920 2.66 GHz

Video cards - Dual 260 GTX NVIDIA — SLI

Ram - 6GB

OS - Windows Vista home edition (have windows 7 upgrade option but not sure how it is for gaming)

thanks in advance

Fine, 6GB?
Fuck, spawn 100 NCPs.

I’ve got a crappier computer than that and I can run perfectly the part in EP2 where you have to kill the antlions in the tunnels, with the bodies set not to fade.

So yeah, spawn as many NPC’s as you want.