What can i use for S&box Mapping

I want to make maps for s&box but since i dont have it yet i started on HL:A workshopo tools. one day i readed somewhere that i cant use certian flags and i couldnt find wich i could and wich i couldnt use since iam not waiting to build a map with doors, lighting, sound etc and turnout these stuff arnt compiled so if anyone know what i can and cannot use please tell me

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I would Just do everything in HL:A besides using their models/material assets

When you go to transfer everything into s&box you will just need to re-compile ( reopen and save) all your model and material files. The shaders in the materials may be different from s&box and HLA so just be aware that any Blend-materials you use in the map ( like drawing grass + dirt path with 1 blend material) might be lost and youll just end up with no blends on the map that you will have to re-draw.

Thats all I know :custard:

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