What can we do with hackers?

Me and my friends just got owned by an hacker calling himself “esrT” on Germany 1 (dev). Aimbot to take us down, then somehow teleported inside our rooms and emptied all our stash. It was 4 seperate room and no C4 was used.

I couldnt find him on the Steam player list. Helk, or anyone thats governing Germany 1. How can we get this reported? I love this game, but between abusive admins on community servers and hackers on the official am I starting to get a bit tired of loosing everything because people cheat.

And lastly, I`ve been banned on the forums two times now for incredibly silly reasons. I dont know if this is there right forum to ask for this, but for gods sake dont be so mad with power that you have to ban me for this post as well. That will be the end of my days playing Rust. Please just point in the right direction like a normal human beeing.

(User was banned for this post ("read the sticky if you want to know how the forum works, use the hackers report thread" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("extended, banned on alt/leaving" - postal))