What can you get banned for?

Hello evrybody. In my previous thread started the discusion thet if you use console to activate the god mod in simngle player thet can be counted as hacking and you can be baned so i wan to know what are the console commands i can be banned for and if it is safe to youse SV_cheats?

(sry for misspaling)

You dont get banned from console commands. You can only get VAC banned from modifying Hl2.exe, wich you would need some program to do. It doesnt count as cheating, because only the server admin can set the value of sv_cheats.

VAC is inactive in GMod.

You learn something new every day.

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It’s posted in almost all threads related to this kind of thing. :geno:

And the only ban you can get are server bans, most servers have sv_cheats disabled for a reasn, and no console commands will get you VAC’d ever.


Repeating previous statements like a badass.

I thought VAC was active, but it doesn’t ban for lua stuff etc.

Who didn’t know that? You’d get banned for having some addons.

i didint im new(be) in Gmod :stuck_out_tongue:

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ok now correct me if im wrong im free to use god mode in sandbox servers and servers thet i am admin on but on servers thet are not sandbox or not mine can get me bande (for ever) if i use god mod or aim bot there right?

(is javelin missle counts as aimbot? http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=43061)

God your retarded, using god in any shape way or form WILL get you VAC banned, go try, I’ve had atleast 50 friends do it and they all lost they’re games. EVEN IF ITS SINGLEPLAYER.


what about the javaline?


VAC is inactive

Do you see a “VAC Status: Banned” on my profile? No. I’ve memory edited for months.

I’m not trying to say that VAC is active, I’m trying to tell him that he can’t be banned for anything lua based, even aimbots.

Refer to the highlighted part in my original post, in the quote.