What? can't join because of..?

I can’t join because of this, don’t really know what it is but my friends can play and log in and out.

Could someone tell me what’s going on? I’d appreciate it.

seems your pc is hacked

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i must say a very unique question:)

Hacked? ^.-

didn’t you notice the DDoS attacks? NOBODY can connect/play normally most of the time.
post again in a few days… go to playrust.com

His PC isn’t hacked you moron. Don’t go telling people shit if you don’t know wtf your talking about.

Its the same message we all get when we cant connect to a server that’s been effected by the current DOS attack.

I’m aware of the ddos attacks but all my friends can join and play normally without laggs :s
they don’t need a second try to join or w/e

The reason why you can’t join is because there is a DDoS attack going on. If you want some more information, go to http://playrust.com/
From 8:00 AM to 13:00 PM the servers aren’t getting attacked. (Not the exact times ofcourse)

I have been getting this message for the server I want to join since the patch yesterday. I have tried to join over 1000 times with no luck. I uninstalled the game twice, restarted my computer, router and modem. My brother can log into my account and get into this server no problem - so it appears to just be with my computer. I have 4 friends playing that this does not seem to be affecting them at all on this server. I can join some servers with no problem but this the one I play on… Could it be a server side error that I need an admin to reset or something?

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I also tried to ipconfig /release /renew FYI. Although many other people appear to be getting this message and have it work after several attempts, following multiple hours of trying I believe that continuing to try to connect is not going to work like with others…

As many people have said already, this is because of the attacks on the servers. It’s pretty random who can and cannot get in and it definitely depends on the server and time of day.

Although many people see this during the DDos attack, the permanent lockout from certain servers was caused by my router - plugged into modem works fine. They must have blocked a port or something in the recent patch. If this problem persists for only a few server… try to not use a router.