what changed last months?

so i haven’t played rust for few months, anything changed?

There’s a website called playrust.com which happenes to be the official developers blog and changelog of Rust. There you can catch up on the complete works of the last EVER.


Old Rust:

Experimental branch:


Note that some of these screenshots are currently art tests and are not integrated into the experimental branch at the moment.

Im actually gonna go away from being a dick, just this once, and tell you

Devs started writing the whole game code again from a scratch
It’s called experimental version so far, is running and you can join it on steam. It has much better graphics and effects than the original, and they are working hard on getting everything that was in old rust working

They’ve changed:
Map - map is now proceduraly generated, so each server will have unique map
Building - now there will be no pillars and you’ll have much more freedom when building
Biomes - the map will no longer look same everywhere, there will be different types of forests, snowy areas, caves, deserts etc.
Models - player and animals are getting new models, and new animations
Water - you can swim now. Boats confirmed
Diet - no longer only chicken meat, also you can eat human meat now
Sleepers - you can now loot sleepers, and maybe will be able to drag them around
Weapons - they are getting rid of mp5, m4 etc. Instead all kinds of makeshift weapons - spear, boneknife, slingshots
- also, bullets now fly the way arrows do, not just straight