What changes would YOU make to Rust?

Title is self explanatory. What would you do to change Rust? Yes, I know Rust is in beta and everything is subject to change; But perhaps this thread will give some insight on to what some players feel should happen with the game (stupid or not).

Personally, I feel Wood should either be easier to collect, or Crafting should require Half as much (or less) as much Wood.

Also, higher quality hatchets that could be crafted to increase Wood Output would be nice.

i agree to this, and should have less pvp on the game…

I would changed the name as its too common.
I would also make it independent from the browser. + I would put it up for higher capital on Kickstarter and get super team and create the perfect game with real hard cash.
garry mod was ok but this project this needs some power, its a really great idea that is working but I feel it needs some umph! injected into it. ya can’t have umph! without cash!

To make wood reaping less tedious, I would just bump the amount you collect per chop. I think three wood should be perfect.
I think there should be a system where you’d be able to choose which people are allowed to spawn stuff on top/in your spawned stuff. This would be a pretty good way to prevent griefers from spawning unwanted shit on yours. A check list of the current users on the server would be the way to choose which users are capable of doing so.

1.PvP areas
2.Map system (It’s a pain to find ppl at the start)
3.Enable to type the number of thing you want to craft(not just click 300 times)
4.Easier to destroy doors and walls etc. If YOU made them, if you put something in the wrong place you’re doomed.

Maby i’ll notice some more things along the way, but I must say this is quite an amazing game for being in alpha, I love it!

The corpse of a player killed by another should be turned into a zombie, thus making people at least THINK about killing someone, instead of just taping down left click and bulldozing through everyone.

Also, making other ppl being enable to use your doors!

I would add the feature that other people are not able to build on or next to stuff you’ve built, i.e. a foundation right next to your foundation, so that people can craft stairs leading onto your roof or onto a exposed window when your house is hanging off a cliff.

Gunpowder should not take 2 seconds to craft

1 Make the map larger
2 Make it impossible for people to build on your foundation and around your buildings to avoid griefing
3 Make Exploration worth it, add complex buildings with rare loot, protected by mutants and NPCs
4 Remove zombies, give the game more of a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feel
5 Building should be harder, not 12 hours and most areas of the map are allready full of stuff.
6 Generally more content.

3 wood per chop,
after 5 hits on the tree, the the tree is consumed and will disappear!

There needs to be some repercussion for killing people at very close range (AKA hatchet spawn). That corpse - zombie idea think would be cool.

1: make pvp zones or pvp free zones

2: possible to make better axe - get more Wood per chopp

3: mapping system with cordinates

4: friend list

5: Guild/clan - ability to create Guild/CLAN, add or remove players

6: abillity to go fishing

7: uppgrade food from animals (currently chicken breast from all animals)

8: add new minerals etc silver, gold, uranium, titanium

9: fix wall’s so they cant be glitched through

10: new items for house, lanthern, chair, table, torches, bed, fireplace (big in stone with chimmney)

11: add more animals etc wolf, fox, buffel, cow, horse

12: add items: Binocholars, shovel, pickaxe, saw, fishingpole

Remove the need for beta keys :wink: