Please help me!

(User was banned for this post (Reason: Thread title in all capitals.))

Nobody’s going to answer.

Improve your grammar, Speak English, Help and support section and explain more of you’re question, as of Nate said, Noone is going to help.


This has been asked before and people just yelled at each other until someone finally spilled the beans. I PMed him the code. The End.

Most admins weld or lock the doors to the admin room anyways, so there’s no point in keeping it secret. We can only wait until Fkalkman makes a new version of the map and makes it near impossible to get into this room.

Fkalkman in all fairness is an idiot mapper for adding that. I’ve been running a 16 slot gmod rp server (passworded) but even still people try to get in. I lock the door with rp mod when I’m on but I can’t be there to lock it every time the map reloads.

And this, kids, is why you should always easy weld your nuke buttons somewhere unreachable!

Did you know that I had to stand infront of the sliding secret door for an hour with god mode on to keep them out? They persisted on getting in. In fact, one would only stop until I banned him. Then everyone was trying to get in so I just stopped the server. It’s crazy how people get so overworked into something so menial. Personally if you want to get into the admin room make your own server.

Who needs a code? I use noclip.

Noclip kills you unless you use buddha with it.

Code is in cafe or cop station (depends do you use rp or dm)

I can’t use the code - my graphics card is too low quality so I can’t see the buttons. :frowning:

Once I typed in a random code and I got up there hehe.

Sure you did. Whats the point of admin rooms on RP maps anyway, they usually just get taken over by n00bs who want to bring distruction to a good game.

I hate that admin room, if I can’t block off the door sucessfully I usually just put on serverwide godmode before the nuke explodes, or try to noclip up there and hit the guy with the banhammer. xD

Thats a good move.

When you start the server, easyweld the nuke button to the sky!

Why dont you beleive me. It’s realy unlikly I know but I did it. It was weird because everyone one on the sever asked me and I sayed it was a accident hehe.

This - smartness stuff is realy annoying me. I bet it will get me banned but it also in a way a good idea. It’s just that I don’t agree with it.

Welding the secret door in the toilets is better if you can’t be arsed to go up into the admin room.

Well I thought the code was 1269 then I was in jail.

Well not many people know the code.(i do hehe :smiley: )
easy welding things away is ok but if it gets out of hand easy weld EVERY button there is somewhere safe.