What command is sleep, or wait?

Like, how do I make a command (for rage quit in CSS, lol)

wait 5

here are some solutions :3

You do realize this is the Lua forum right? And not your shitty bind’s place.

But anyway… **[Timer.Simple


You cant write a GLua script and put it in CS:S you know.

Yelling “RAGEQUIT” isnt funny either, its just annoying.

I realize this isn’t GLua, but this would solve OP’s problems

bind k "say R-R-R-R-RRRAGEQUIT;wait 30;disconnect"

I admit, ragequit is annoying, but I’m using this on my CLAN only, so don’t get your panties in a bunch :). This doesn’t work for me, it just disconnects…

You say it, you can’t see it because it waits 30 game frames, which is less than a second.

If it’s your clan, you could find the ragequit quake sound and match that up with a player disconnect.

Ahh, I never knew wait number is in gameframes… That explaines so much… So, is there a way to make it secs? Because I can still do gameframe, make it like 2000 or something?

Well it depends on your FPS. Assuming your FPS is 40, making it wait for 40 game frames will make it wait a second. Although I always thought the wait command was in milliseconds anyway.

Correct, wait is in milliseconds and not frames.

Incorrect, wait is in frames, not milliseconds.

] lua_run_cl concommand.Add("time" , function(p , c , a) if not t then t  = os.clock() else print(os.clock() - t) end end )
] time;wait 250;time

Which shows I had an average FPS of 71.4 in those 250 frames.

Wait, WHAT? Can someone please make sense? Which is it, mill or frames? :frowning:

FlapJack’s of course, he has proof.

So this will work (in bind form)

bind “F10” “say :RAGEQUIT:;wait 200;disconnect”
^^ I have like 40 fps

Now, can I make a lua in lua format too?

–function Myfunc()
wait 5000

But, how will I make it appear in chat? I don’t understand chat.(or whatever)

For fuck sake. Have you not listened to anything anybody has said?

You would do it like this :
[lua]RunConsoleCommand(“say”, “:RAGEQUIT:”)

Yeah but this guy wanted it to work in CS:S, I don’t think he really understands what anyone has said.

This right here is why CS:S players should NOT come here for binds.
Also OP, someone already told you what to do…then someone else told you how wait works…

bind b “say RAGEQUIT; wait THE_TIME_YOU_WANT; disconnect”

And if so that’s not a lua question.

Hey, thanks for replying, I used this bind: bind k “say R-R-R-R-RRRAGEQUIT;wait 30;disconnect” Except, I disconnected as soon as I pushed enter. Even changing the 30 to google (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) does the same. :frowning: The time is broken :frowning: wait doesn’t work, I think


RunConsoleCommand(“say”, “:RAGEQUIT:”)

I can use this by doing this, right?: lua_openscript_cl <namehere>.lua