What common mapping mistakes bother you most?

I’ve just started mapping, and sometimes I just don’t know how to do something, and I end up having to improvise. It makes my maps a mess. What are the most common mapping mistakes that bother you most, Facepunch? I hope me and a lot of other new mappers can learn from this thread.

What do you mean by mistakes? Like, actually screwing something up or just forgetting to do something or not including something, like not putting frames on doors?

Anything that bothers you, really. For me it’s people that create this giant maps, but forget area portals. Performance really takes a hit from it and it quadruples the amount of snapshot overflows on their maps.

When my walls don’t line up.

Putting textures on surfaces that nobody will ever see, instead of putting nodraw.

Huge areas of repeating textures. Fullbright maps. Actually, these are the only things I can think of that bother me, I’m still not an especially good mapper, so I know that mistakes are easily made, especially if you started off with 3kliks’ tutorials.

This doesn’t really annoy me, since nodraw makes machinima/posing difficult. That said, it depends on the type of map.


Fullbright and blocky maps

What are you doing filming a machinima on the bottom of the map?

Lighting and making them just right because the demand of these fuckers of perfection. :v:

I was thinking of stuff like rooves if you want to film from above - I guess this only applies in single storey maps though.

An ugly map.

when you’re in a hurry to get something done and then you do it messily.

and then you spend the next few hours trying to tidy it up / end up scrapping it

Maps where a bedroom is the size of a tennis court.

Having to use stock models. I’d have to say I’m shit at making models at the moment.

When people make huge hollow boxes for the skybox and just drag it over the whole of the map.

(Sadly, I do that.)

I never really download maps for anything besides L4D2, but one of the most common mistakes I hate seeing in custom campaigns are when people don’t properly block off their maps with playerclip and you’re able to exploit it and get out of boundaries.

Biggest mistake that I see is when people get riled up about the things wrong in a map without offering advice to fix the problem.

Incorrectly scaled rooms. (Mostly a newbie’s mistake) Eg. 1024 unit high roof whereas it should be about 128.

I’m sure there’s some kind of reason why this is so common, like how the moon appears larger than it actually is.