What could possibly cause this?

Any time I try to spawn a standard GMOD prop, I get this in the middle of my screen, and printed out in the console.

EDIT: It seems to happen for ANYTHING I do… spawn an NPC, KILL an NPC… it’s nerve racking

did u install any addons recently?

if u did then try deleting it then restarting gmod

I install addons constantly LOL, problem is I dont know if its something I have IN “Addons” or something that was integrated into the other folders.

I’ll try listing my addons by date and get rid of them one at a time

This also happens to me.


At this rate, i’ll be getting that LUA error achievment soon -_-

Okay through some trial and error, I discovered having the achievement mod in ADDONS was causing it. Because GMOD has achievements to it, I can only assume that there was a lua conflict happening. When I deleted it from addons and reloaded gmod, it was fixed.

Confirmed. I deleted the achievement add on and the error was fixed. Thanks for finding this.

I only wish I would have found it BEFORE deleting all my addons - I had so many I liked I cant remember them all, so now I am starting from scratch. But at least that stupid lil set of errors doesnt come up - hell I’d spawn a blue BARREL and it would pop up

If you don’t already know about SVN, here you go: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324
SVN is used to get the best addons.

Yeah I have several addons in SVN… Phx, Wire, there’s a thread on here with a large list of SVN’s but a majority of them don’t work anymore.