What counts as one structure?

With regards to decay I heard that by opening a door in the building it resets the timer.

If a building has multiple rooms (but all from the same foundation) does this count as one building or lots of seperate ones?

Nobody know?

All connected foundations and everything above is considered one building.

As Heplmeh say.If you connect the Foundation,it would be seen as one building.Their is no difference if its a 3x3 building with 1 door or a 10x10 building with 100 doors.Use 1 of them a day and the decay timer would resettet

Thanks for replying.

So in theory if I built 10 seperate 1x1 houses on a single piece of foundation then I would only have to enter one house to keep them all from decaying?

This is what I think that resets the counter from what I know.

Any foundation or shelter is considered a entity, if there is multiple foundation touching each other that is considered one entity. There needs to be a change in the entity to reset it; like opening a door or building onto the entity.

Excellent - cheers.